Cool, Social, and Sober

columbus oh drug rehabWhen many people think about living a sober lifestyle, they automatically assume it will be a boring one without much social interaction. Many have misconceptions that their friends will stop hanging out them, or that they will never find like minded people. This way of thinking is just untrue, and that leads us to today's post.

If you're following along with our blog, then you know our last post was all about how being sober is now considered hip and cool. If you missed part one, check it out by clicking here. We talked about juice crawls and pre-dawn sober dance parties.

In part two, we're going to continue talking about how being sober is cool as well as all the fun sober activities that you can either start or take part in. Do you have a loved one suffering from problems with substance abuse? Maybe it's finally time to get them the help they need. Maybe it's time to bring in professional help like the kind found at Legacy Freedom! We offer the best Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment for people of all ages. Call us today.

How to Be Socially Sober

Thanks to the information we learned in part one, we know that the sober lifestyle is being well perceived in bigger cities, and is even becoming trendy. Sober raves, or dance parties, as well as juice crawls (an alternative to bar crawls) are just a small representation of all the new types of fun activities available.

With these ideas in mind, all you have to do is get a little creative to start your own version of social sobriety in your town. There are lots of coffee shops, event spaces, and restaurants that do not even serve alcohol that you can reach out to for starting your own event. Hosting an event biweekly, or even something once a month, will give lots of like minded sober people something fun to do.

Other things you can do would be to organize a weekend bike ride through the city or countryside, then there is also trail hiking, or other sports activities. Talk to your city's parks and recreation department for help and ideas on how to get the ball rolling.

We hope this new take on sobriety will help you come to terms with it as well as allow you to be more social and have more fun. Be sure to constantly check our blog for more tips on how to have a fun and productive sober life.

Holistic Columbus OH Drug Rehab Center and Alcohol Treatment Facility

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