Identifying a High-Functioning Addict

columbus oh drug rehabWorking with the top rated center for Columbus OH drug rehab allows me to help addicts from all walks of life. We get to treat people from all sorts of backgrounds, but some of the most tragic cases are high-functioning addicts. A high-functioning addict would be someone like a high-powered business executive, a surgeon, or a hard-working, stay-at-home mom. These are typically people that you may not suspect of having any type of substance abuse problem. You might even be surprised to know that, statistically, you have a good chance of having a friend, neighbor, coworker, or relative that is dealing with a secret addiction issue.

You might think that it is easy to identify anyone with addiction issues, especially if it is someone that's close to you. Most assume that all addicts fit into a few different categories, and that their problems typically happen after a major life event, such as a destroyed relationship or getting fired. However, a study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol abuse in 2007 showed that only 9% of alcoholics fit this stereotype.

In actuality, the high-functioning addicts are masters of disguise. They hide their struggles with drugs or alcohol with the skills of a CIA spy. Family and friends may not figure it out for years, if ever. This two part series will help you identify the characteristics of these specific addicts. That way, you'll be able to help your loved one if you see these traits in a friend or family member.

Denial, Denial, Denial

A high-functioning addict is not like your typical one. These are not the people you see represented in TV or magazine ads. A high-functioning addict might not even use everyday so it can seem as though these people do not really have a problem. Another masking factor is that some H-F addicts actually avoid most of the pitfalls and mistakes that other typical addicts make. For instance, you won't find this category of addict robbing and stealing to get their next fix.

Because they don’t fit the mold, these addicts can spend decades in denial. If this person is able to manage their life, family, work, and pay all their bills, then this denial about substance issue will be extremely exaggerated. They might acknowledge that they drink, or use drugs often, but they'll laugh off the notion that they have a problem. They will give examples of everything they do right in life to give themselves an excuse for using.

If you are seeing a lot of denial from a loved one that you know is using, or drinking, don't hesitate to get them help at our Columbus OH drug rehab center.

Weird Behavior

No matter how much control an addict thinks they have over their substance abuse problem, eventually they'll fall victim to their own drug use. Concealment efforts can only last for so long without slipping up. Be on the lookout for subtle changes in behavior, skipping out on or disappearing during social events, erratic changes in attitude, or a sudden lack of focus.

You should also be aware of any physical signs that accompany addiction. These typically include insomnia, shakiness, paranoia, agitation, and depression. You might even notice other changes, like poor grooming habits, calling in sick, sloppy work, and missing deadlines.

To jump to part two for more identifying tips, please click here.

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