Identifying a High-Functioning Addict, Continued

Columbus OH Drug RehabWelcome back to part two in our series on how to indetify a high-functioning addict. If you're new to the series, part one covered how a high-functioning addict can hide their substance issues for years, and even decades. You learned a few of the characteristics that most H-F addicts possess and exhibit. If you would like to go back and read part one, you can do so by clicking here.

You'll Hear Every Excuse Possible

One thing to note about the high-functioning addict is that they are typically very charming individuals. These people have an answer, or excuse, for everything. They will have rehearsed every excuse to show how their unusual behavior is normal. They will try to make you feel crazy for ever assuming something is wrong. You'll hear excuses about how smoking a joint helps them relax, or how a bottle of wine after dinner helps to take the edge off from a long day at the office. You'll hear stories of how a little cocaine helps them meet deadlines and get their work done.

Whatever you hear, just know that these reasons do not justify substance abuse. If your loved one needs help, call our Columbus OH drug rehab center today.

Leading a Double Life

A high-functioning addict is a master at leading a double life. Just like all addicts, they crave their next drink or high, and will do whatever possible to obtain it. They might have tried to quit many times on their own without success, mainly because they can manage the other parts of their lives so well. When it comes to stopping, they can quickly rationalize their problems away.

In some situations, the H-F addict might never get help on their own until they hit their own “rock bottom” scenario. It might take a drunk driving arrest, job loss, or divorce to finally bring them back to reality.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Your loved one might never fit the typical stereotype of an alcoholic or drug addict. That does not mean that you will not see signs. In every case we help with, the person battling substance abuse always leaves a trail behind. Do not ignore these signs as it could be the one thing that saves their life. Addiction is a serious disease regardless of whether or not the person has a comfortable income, cushy job, and good relationships. One day, all that will come crumbling down and the consequences of their substance use will catch up with them. By not denying these indicators, and getting your loved one Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment, you are pro-actively helping them resolve their problems before it's too late.

Regardless of how the H-F addict functions and manages their life, they still pose a danger to themselves and others, especially when using. Even though it will be difficult for them to understand, they should get help before they lose everything they value. Let them know that there are all types of treatment options available and some, like the kind at Legacy Freedom, are even outpatient and fun.

To learn more about how Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers can help your loved one, please continue to read on below.

Affordable Columbus OH Drug Rehab

For top notch Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment, please reach out to the helpful professionals at Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers. We offer only the best alternative and holistic treatment programs to help you, or your loved one, regain sobriety. All of our programs are also held in an outpatient setting so you can return to loved ones each night. Make today the day that you make a change for the better by getting the help your family deserves. Call Legacy Freedom of Columbus OH today and kick your addiction problem.

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