How Does Heroin Affect Your Brain?

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention month. Legacy Freedom would like to celebrate this month by sharing as much information as we can with our readers so that we can do our part in preventing substance abuse. Our drug rehab Columbus, OH facility is fully staffed with nurturing and caring professionals that are ready to help you with recovery. In this post we are going to talk about how heroin affects a person's brain.

When an addict uses heroin it flows to the brain where it is converted back into morphine. These molecules of morphine bind themselves to specific opioid receptors. Although these specific opioid receptors are located in many areas of the brain, they also help regulate the perception of pain and reward. One reason heroin is so risky is that these receptors also reside in the brain stem. This is where our critical life functions are controlled and regulated. These include, breathing, blood pressure, and arousal. A heroin overdose can suppress the respiratory system which often times results in a fatality. drug rehab columbus

Most heroin addicts inject the drug intravenously. These users report a surge of euphoric feelings. This is often referred to as a "rush”. This rush is accompanied by a dry mouth, a warm flushing of the skin, a heaviness of the arms and legs, and a confused, or foggy mental capacity. After the initial euphoric high wears off, the addicts will typically "nod" or "go on the nod". This is a drowsy state where addicts also black out. Heroin users that do not inject the drug, but rather smoke and snort it, may not experience the same initial euphoric rush, but the other effects are the same.

If you are abusing heroin regularly, then it has probably already changed the way your brain functions. You've probably built up a tolerance and could use the help of our drug rehab Columbus OH facility. Building up a tolerance means your body has adjusted to the heroin such that you need to do more and more of it to get to the same level of euphoria. Another way heroin changes the way your brain works is by making you dependent. Having a dependence means you have to continue to use the drug daily to avoid withdrawal symptoms and becoming "drug sick".

Legacy Freedom offers you our expert help at our state-of-art, drug rehab Columbus OH facility. If you are ready to get your life back on track and get sober, please call us today. We are ready to help you take those important first steps toward recovery. Do not wait another second! Pick up the phone and call us right now.

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