More on Helping Your Partner Cope with Grief

Raleigh Depression Welcome back to our continuing series on helping your partner cope with their grief. In our previous post, we highlighted ways that you can help your partner cope with their loss by performing small tasks, intercepting well-meaning messages of sympathy, and being a source of honesty for them. For more information on these ways to help your loved one cope with their loss, see our previous post. Discover more ways for you to help your partner cope with the loss of their friend or loved one. If you need Raleigh depression help, call Legacy Freedom.

Allow Your Partner Time Alone
While you may want to be with them and comfort them continuously, it is essential to give your partner space to grieve in their own way. Encourage your partner to take time away from family and friends to just be alone with their thoughts and process their emotions.

Accept Their Grieving Behaviors
Some people may cope with their loss by withdrawing and turning their attention to small chores. Others may throw themselves into work or plan the memorial as a way to cope. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. If your partner wants to go for a hike to clear their head or chooses to coordinate a memorial motorcycle run, let them process and mourn however they wish.

Listen and Validate
When your partner is coming to terms with their loss, you want to take away their pain and help them understand that it's not their fault. However, it is important not to offer your opinions unless they are requested. Instead, let them know you understand how they feel and gently try to ease their burden. Validate healthy feelings of sadness, anger, and emptiness. Remind them that grieving is a process and that you are ready to support them and their needs.

As your partner grieves their loss, there will be other ways for you to help support them. Taking over small but meaningful tasks like ensuring that bills are paid, leave of absence paperwork is submitted, thank you cards are mailed, or that the car gets an oil change are all ways that you can support your partner. In the days and weeks that follow the loss, be sure to watch your loved one for signs of depression or suicidal behaviors.

Affordable Raleigh Depression Help

Legacy Freedom of Raleigh understands that watching someone you love struggle with a significant loss can be difficult. Whether you need support to deal with your feelings and the loss in your own way or your spouse or partner is exhibiting signs of severe depression or having suicidal thoughts, we can help. Our holistic approach to mental health care combines alternative treatment methods with traditional talk therapy. This combination helps us get to the root of your depression and teach you positive ways to cope with these feelings.

For more information on our outpatient programs or to get started, call or click to connect with our care team. The quality, compassionate, and confidential Raleigh depression treatment you need is just a call or click away.

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