Helping Your Family Understand Your Anxiety

Counselor in Columbus, OHDealing with anxiety is difficult for most people. For those who have an anxiety disorder and do not have a support system in place it is even harder. Some people believe that anxiety is not real and it is all in the person’s head. Often this is the case with disorders like PTSD and depression as well.  At Legacy Freedom, we understand that your anxiety is very real and very debilitating. So when you're looking for a qualified counselor in Columbus, OH, that you can trust, be sure to give us a call.

Our goal is to help you manage your anxiety and learn skills to help you cope when that overwhelming wave of panic strikes. Utilizing alternative therapies in conjunction with traditional talk therapy and medication therapy, our counselors will teach you coping methods to make your anxiety manageable. Combining therapies like acupuncture, yoga and aromatherapy with traditional therapies allows Legacy Freedom to treat the whole person not just the anxiety disorder.

Taking the time to educate your friends and family about your anxiety will help them to better understand your feelings and emotions. Feeling like you are alone and misunderstood can increase your anxiety. Working to educate your loved ones will help them support you through times when you are anxious or during panic attacks. Often talking to your family is difficult. Legacy Freedom can help. We offer family and group therapies and meetings so that you and your family and loved ones can work together to learn, grow and support each other through the journey to management for your anxiety.

How to Talk to Your Family

  • Be informative. Try to stick to the facts. Letting your feelings and emotions take over might make people feel uncomfortable and keep you from getting your message across. Remain calm, share the important facts, and communicate your needs.
  • Ask a friend to help. Choose someone that can help you speak to your family and feel confident about it. This might be your therapist or just someone you know who understands your struggles.
  • Do not play the sympathy card. Sometimes, people who are unfamiliar about anxiety can get frustrated if you try to gain sympathy for your situation. When people truly understand anxiety, they will naturally have sympathy for you, so there's no need.
  • Be calm and relaxed. During a panic attack you might say things you wouldn't otherwise. Trying to have a conversation while you're distressed might not go well and could leave you feeling hurt and rejected.

Talking to your friends and family might surprise you. Be open to listening to their thoughts and feelings. Many people do not realize that they are suffering from anxiety and by sharing your experience and educating your friends or family you may encourage them to get the help they need for themselves.

Using statements that are descriptive of how you feel during an anxiety or panic attack can often help your family or friends understand your condition. Help them understand how to help you in this situation.

Use phrases like:

  • My anxiety is real to me. It is real fear, and real panic.
  • I never know when it will happen and some days are worse than others.
  • Do not give up on me when I lock myself away.
  • Sometimes just talking on the phone gives me anxiety.
  • Sometimes I just need someone to tell me to breathe and that it will all be okay.
  • When I am quiet, I’m not sad or tired or depressed. I’m just trying to organize my thoughts.
  • I cannot just flip a switch and turn it off.
  • Too much noise or too many people can trigger an attack. Let me distance myself to regain control.

Explaining your needs and feelings makes your anxiety more real to those who support you.

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When you are ready to begin your journey to healing and managing your anxiety, give Legacy Freedom of Columbus, OH, a call. Come see why we are unlike anything you have ever tried before.


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