Helpful Intervention Tips – Part 2

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We are back with part 2 of this series on helpful tips for staging an intervention with your loved one that is suffering from addiction problems. In part one of this post, we introduced you to four of six tips that you should follow when planning an intervention. These included your goals, date, time and location, as well as the type of words you choose and your tone of voice. Today we are going to discuss the final two ideas in our top 6 intervention tips. Legacy Freedom is here to help you, or your loved ones, with a modern facility for drug rehab Raleigh NC services. Our holistic treatment programs have been proven to help those that seek help with addiction problems. Call us today to learn more.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you have the actual intervention make sure you get the entire group of participants together for a rehearsal. This will ensure that everyone feels somewhat prepared for the real thing. This will also allow everyone a chance to voice any reservations or other feelings. As the intervention planner, this will also give you a great chance to identify any problem areas, or people, that might derail your end goals. During your rehearsal, have everyone choose an intervention leader. This person will dictate the pace of the intervention. Everyone should also agree on the common goals and consequences. You'll then need to agree on the procedure of how everything will go down as well as the speaking order of the participants. These speaking participants should also have the things they want to say written down in advance of the actual intervention. This way you will not forget the points that need to be made. Have the participants create lists of examples of times when your loved one's addiction problems caused them hurt and created painful situations for them. These testimonials can be a powerful tool for achieving your goals.

The Power of Love

The people involved make the intervention work. There should be 3 to 10 people, that love and care for the addict, at the intervention. These participants should all have personal relationships with the addict and the majority of them should be willing to share their personal accounts of them, both positive and negative. Not everyone needs to, or has to speak, but the more personal stories that can be shared, the greater effect it will have on the addict. Having children participate in the intervention is okay if these children are mature enough to handle the situation with respect and care. If the children are old enough, having them participate in the intervention often has a positive impact on the final goals.

If you think the children are not ready to be involved in such a sensitive experience, have them write a letter instead of attending in person. The letter can be read to the addicted parent by another loved one in attendance. Everyone that attends the intervention should love and care about the person's well being and not try to enable their toxic behavior.

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