How to Help a Loved One Through a Panic Attack, continued

Therapist in Columbus, OHAs we continue to look at ways to help a loved one cope with panic attacks, we turn our attention to ways that you can help your loved one when they have an attack. Recognizing the symptoms of a panic attack as quickly as possible can help you get the affected person to a quiet and safe place so that they can recover privately. See our previous post for the signs and symptoms of a panic attack. Remember that not everyone will experience the same symptoms so it is important to talk to your loved one about what symptoms they have experienced before previous episodes. If you want to talk to a therapist in Columbus, OH that cares about your mental health, call Legacy Freedom.

Helping your loved one cope with their panic attacks and panic disorder is incredibly important. Those who struggle with these debilitating attacks need to feel supported and understood. Having a panic attack is a frightening experience. Offering reassurance and making the person feel safe is essential. Here are some other things you can try the next time your loved one has a panic attack.

Relaxation Techniques
Practicing controlled breathing can be an important part of overcoming panic attacks. When you are with someone who is having a panic attack, help them regain control of their breathing by guiding them through complete and deep breaths. Let them know that they are okay and that they can regain control of their breathing by taking deep, slow breaths.

Acknowledge Their Feelings
During a panic attack, many people feel embarrassed that they are having the attack in public or that they are relying on you to help them cope. Reassure them that their feelings are real and deserve to be experienced. Using coping phrases like, "Your fear is making you short of breath, but you are okay." Communicating that you are here to support them and not to judge them can also help reduce the embarrassment that they feel during an attack.

Panic attacks can last for up to ten minutes at a time. It is important during this time that you are supportive and help address the needs of the person having the panic attack. For some, sipping cool water can help them relax. Others may prefer a warm cup of tea or to be physically held or touched. Talk with your loved one about what helps them feel safe during an attack ahead of time so that you know what works to help your loved one recenter after an attack.

Best Therapist in Columbus, OH for Panic Attacks

If panic attacks are a frequent occurrence for you or someone you love, Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help. Our care team is ready to learn what triggers your attacks and teach you new ways to cope with the negative feelings and experiences that cause you to react in this way. By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative therapy options, our therapist in Columbus, OH can create a mental health care plan that is tailored to your needs.

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