How to Help a Co-Worker with Their Mental Health

mental health therapist in Charlotte, NCDid you know that one in ten people use a sick day each year due to mental health issues? However, many employees don't feel comfortable sharing the reason that they are really taking time off with their boss or colleagues. When you work with the same people for 40 hours a week or more, week after week, you begin to develop a sense of who they are. Over time you will be able to tell when they are not feeling like themselves or if they seem preoccupied with something. If you find yourself worrying about a co-worker's mental health, there are some things that you can do to help them. For the best mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC, call Legacy Freedom.

Encourage Them to Talk
Start the conversation by focusing on their general well being and letting them know that they can talk to you if they are having difficulties. Focus on the person, not the problem or the behaviors that you are seeing. Even if they don't want to talk about it when you first bring it up, you've let them know that they have someone who is willing to listen and ready to help.

Don't Make Assumptions
The signs and symptoms that you see your co-worker displaying may seem clearly defined and may make you feel like you know what is going on, but the external signs don't always tell the whole story. Many people are able to manage or mask some of their symptoms.

Maintain Confidentiality
Creating an open and supportive work environment can help those with mental health conditions feel comfortable asking for support and being open about their needs. A breach of trust could impact this person's mental health status negatively and leave them feeling more alone and alienated from the supportive atmosphere you were hoping to create. The only time it is okay to break someone's trust is if they have confided in you that they are planning to hurt themselves or someone else.

Encourage Them to Find Support
If your co-worker feels like their workload or job duties are negatively impacting their mental health encourage them to talk to their supervisor and utilize the mental health programs that your employer has available. In the event that your employer doesn't have mental health programs available, encourage them to ask your Human Resources department to provide a list of mental health resources in the community.

Reaching out to a co-worker who doesn't seem to be themselves or who appears to be struggling with something can be a lifesaving gesture. At Legacy Freedom of Charlotte, we know it is difficult to talk about or admit that you are having difficulties with your mental health. Our care team is ready and able to help you get into treatment quickly. You don't have to live with feelings of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. We can help.

Our holistic approach to mental health care has helped thousands of people get to the root of their mental illness and learn new ways to cope with the thoughts and negative feelings that impact their daily lives.

Don't go another day without the care and support you need. Call or click to connect with our mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC!



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