Help Your Child Stay Drug Free This Summer

drug treatment in raleigh NC Welcome back readers, today's post will discuss how to help your children, or teenager, stay drug free this summer. If your child needs alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC, please call Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers today. Keeping your kids safe from wanting to experiment with drugs and alcohol can be a hard task. Our children see drug and alcohol use almost everywhere they look. It's in almost every movie these days, most TV shows, and on the internet. You can read about celebrities with substance abuse problems in all the tabloids, magazines, and even read stories about them in the newspapers. Kids also hear about it in today's popular music. What's even more frightening are the teens that have firsthand experience, seeing drug and alcohol use amongst their peers on the playground, or where they like to hang out with friends.

We are all very well aware that the teenage years are the ones when kids are most likely to show signs of experimenting with smoking, drinking, and even drug use. Teens who start using this early can develop a lifetime of problems and future issues. However, there are several things that you can do to help your children make good choices and stay alcohol and drug free, not only for this summer but for the rest of their life too.

First, talk with your children about drugs and alcohol. Explain to them how using alcohol and drugs can damage their health, and can ruin the relationships with their friends and family. Tell them the consequences of substance abuse and how it can ruin their future. Show them pictures on the internet of the negative effects of certain drugs. Faces of Meth is a great place to start. Just be aware that some of these are graphic, but they will make a positive impact. Sometimes shocking them is all you need. Also, most importantly, tell them you don't want them to drink or use drugs.

When you talk to your children about the dangers of alcohol and drug use, also teach them how to say to no to peer pressure. Explain to them how they do not have to drink or do drugs to fit in with their friends, or to be cool around other kids they look up to this summer. Let them know that the ones who are drinking and are doing drugs are not their real friends and they could get them in a lot of trouble. Help your child practice saying no by roleplaying a few real life situations.

After that, be sure you set clear rules and explain the consequences of what will happen if you find out your child is using, drinking, or smoking. Be sure to enforce those rules, but do so fairly. Not enforcing the rules is a form of enabling and will only make a bad situation worse.

Also, keep up with your child and be active in their lives. Spend time together and do fun things as a family. Make sure you also have some alone time with your child where you can have some mommy/daddy child time. This is a great chance to bond and make memories. That being said, also know what your child is up to when you're not around. Know their friends, and their friend's parents. Be sure the people your child is hanging around are positive influences.

Finally, be a good example to your child and make your home a safe place. Try to minimize the alcohol that is being kept in the house and quit smoking if you currently do so. Also do not invite people to your home that have been known to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Alternative Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Raleigh NC for Teens

If you have a child suffering from addiction, please get them the help they deserve by calling our center for alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC.  Calling Legacy Freedom today might just save your child's life.

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