For a Healthy Buzz, Find a Natural High!

drug rehab Asheville NCAs a recovering addict, you might be worried that you are missing out on life. You feel restricted to staying home and away from triggers. However, there are ways to rejoin life and find a natural high that replaces a drug or alcohol induced one. Soon, you'll be loving life and not even thinking about what it was like when you had a substance abuse problem.

Below, you'll find several ideas that will help you find natural buzz and get you high on life and living happily and healthy! If you, or a loved one, need a custom drug rehab Asheville NC treatment plan, please call Legacy Freedom. You'll love our outpatient options.

Healthy Buzzes and Natural Highs

Eat Healthy

We all know how diets can be; difficult to live with and hard to stick to. Fortunately, eating healthy isn't an actual diet. It's a lifestyle change that will not only help you become healthier but also offer you a natural buzz that lasts. Stick to eating real, whole foods that aren't processed, first. Veggies, meats and fruits are staples for any diet but rarely used as a lifestyle. Cutting out any types of foods that aren't natural or whole can turn your life upside down in a great way that offers nothing but benefits. Try it for 30 days to see how you feel after. Then, if you love the effects, continue eating healthy!


There's nothing better than a good belly-laugh to get you feeling great! Think about things that make you laugh in times of sadness or frustration. Take in a silly movie or read a joke book when you're in need of a good laugh at home. You can even play fun board games with loved ones and friends to enjoy a laugh or two. Find what it is in life that makes you laugh and go with it. You won't believe the difference a few chuckles will make when you're having a bad day. Try it and see what happens!


This might not sound as exciting as it is. Just give it a try. As most know, exercise releases endorphins. These endorphins make you happy. You have no choice! Start a workout routine and continue it each day or at the very least every few days. On weekends, hike or go for long walks in the neighborhood. Spend time in the park, running, playing sports or walking. You'll find that the high you get from exercising is better than anything else.

Did you know that exercise is also an important part of addiction recovery? Ask the professionals at our facility for drug rehab Asheville NC treatment for more information.

Get Outdoors

There’s nothing better than taking advantage of the great outdoors to get you happy and excited about life. Taking in the beautiful scenery and becoming one with Mother Nature is a great natural high. Hike in the forest, stand on a mountaintop, find a gorgeous river in the woods or just take time to sit outside, soaking up the sun. Nature is a one of a kind aspect of our lives that we rarely take advantage of. The benefits of enjoying the outdoors are endless. Besides, nature is everywhere. You don’t have to spend money or travel to get to it. It’s right outside your front door!

Appreciate Art

While you might not be a fan of art, in general, it might be because you’ve never given it a chance. If you’re creative, find something that makes you happy and start making it! Whether it’s jewelry, painting, writing, or playing a musical instrument, take time to learn to appreciate it. Even if you just listen to music, view other’s art or read books, this is a great creative outlet that will help you get a natural high. Can you imagine yourself on a beach somewhere, relaxing with loved ones and enjoying life? Try it. Then, write a poem about your thoughts or paint a picture of your imagined views. You could even write a song about these thoughts! The creative juices will eventually start flowing and never stop! And, if you can’t find creative art in you, research books, paintings and music that reflects your mood and thoughts! Use other’s creative ideas to inspire you and get you high on life!

Live in the Moment

drug rehab Asheville NCFeel like catching a movie on a Tuesday night? What about dropping everything and road-tripping to a museum you’d like to visit over the weekend? Living in the moment is a great way to get a natural high. Don’t feel restricted to the daily nine to five workday or cleaning house on the weekends. Take time to live and enjoy life. Be spontaneous and fun. Of course, don’t let these things interfere with your adult responsibilities or professional life. But, who says you can’t clean tomorrow? Get out and have some fun while getting a natural buzz. You won’t believe how much more productive you’ll be when you’re happy with life and ready to take challenges as they come. Living in the moment helps you ward off the blues, fatigue and other negative issues you might face, or at the very least helps you fight them with confidence!

Be Thankful

You might not have a lot in life but you have your health, happiness and a roof over your head. Be grateful for that. Give thanks for everything you have including your sobriety, support group and the road that lead to recovery. Take time to remember the little things and moments that got you to where you are today. Gratitude is a great way to stay positive and sober.

Think about what makes you happy. Make a list of these things and start incorporating them into your life! For an even better high, find a friend or family member that enjoys something on your list and explore them together! You’ll find that a natural buzz is better than a drug or alcohol induced one any day! If you have other ideas that you don’t find here, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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