Do You Want to Have a Fun, Sober Summer?

Columbus OH alcohol rehab centerAre you an addict in recovery and need to spice up your sobriety routine this summer? Maybe this is your first summer sober. You might feel kind of overwhelmed about what you can do to make sure you have fun, but in a safe way. Today's post is just part one in a two part series. It is going to cover some great tips on having an awesome summer, especially if this is your first dry summer. Part two will go more in-depth into some ideas that you can incorporate into your summer monthly planner.

Having a Super Sober Summer

First off, your first summer being dry can be a challenge; but let's take a minute to look at the bright side of things. Being sober saves you a lot of money and time. Instead of blowing your hard earned cash on booze and drugs, now you can save it to do some of those really fun things that you've always wanted to try. Now that you're not running around, looking for and using your substance of choice, you can use those gained hours to learn a new skill, hobby, or take a trip. Why not use some of this extra money and time to do just that this summer?

Also, don't get down on yourself about being sober while your friends are out drinking and overdoing it. You're going to wake up the next day feeling great, and not hungover. Instead of sleeping through all the summer days to party all night, you'll be out taking in the sights and going on adventures.

Just know that you'll have to be aware that many of your old friends probably will not understand what you're going through, your situation, or your decisions and actions. Some will support you and some will not; that's just life. The ones that do support you are your real friends. These are the ones that you'll want to keep around unless they get pushy about drinking or using.

Try to avoid the summer parties, hangouts, and hotspots that host lots of drunk people. Just being around drunk people might be a trigger for you. Plus, hanging out with drunks can be sketchy anyways, the majority of the time. This might be hard for young people, but you should look for more family friendly events. Just because an event might be tagged family friendly, it doesn't mean that it's just for people with babies and small children. You will be amazed at how fun many of the family friendly free concerts and events can be. You should really give them a try before prejudging.

Mainly, this first post is meant to reassure you that your summer fun will get better as the years go by and you learn how to cope better with different life situations. You'll make likeminded friends that have the same concerns as you, as well as, the same likes and interests too. Overtime, you'll figure out the best places to go, what to do, and your summer options will be overflowing with safe and fun activities. Join us for part two where we go into further tips on ways you can get a head start on your summer fun.

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