What Happens When You Drink and Smoke Weed at the Same Time

Wilmington Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterMixing alcohol and marijuana is common among those who are involved in the partying lifestyle. However, just because it is a common occurrence doesn't mean that it's a safe choice. Choosing to indulge inĀ  both pot and alcohol at the same time often causes the user to feel more intoxicated. This high is favored by many and is commonly referred to as crossfading. Many studies have been done on what happens to you when you use alcohol and marijuana separately, but research on what happens when the two are combined is limited. If you're looking for a Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center that you can trust, call Legacy Freedom in the new year!

Marijuana alters the cannabinoid receptors in the brain with its active ingredient, THC. The neurons in your brain begin to fire continuously and, as a result, your thoughts feel intensely connected and magnified. Under the influence of marijuana, your imagination becomes very active. Alcohol affects the central nervous system in your brain and stimulates the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA while suppressing the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate. By altering the communication process of your neurons, alcohol leaves the user with less recollection, recognition, and feelings when they use. It is no wonder that when combined with alcohol many addicts enjoy the intensified effects of marijuana.

One study linked the use of alcohol with a doubling of THC in study participants blood after consuming two shots. Some evidence suggests that combining both weed and booze can reduce some of the damage that the liver undergoes during heavy alcohol use. However, those results were found in lab mice. The combination and correlation to decreased liver damage has not been observed in human test subjects. While all bodies respond differently to drugs, experts caution that marijuana's tendency to make users feel less nauseated may pose a danger to those who use it while drinking. Your body naturally will reject alcohol if you have over consumed by causing you to vomit. If you are unable to vomit, or the urge is suppressed, you run the risk of developing alcohol poisoning or drinking to the point of death.

In addition to the risk of developing alcohol poisoning, those who choose to drink while they are high are at an increased risk for psychological symptoms as well. Users who are prone to such psychological conditions like anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and panic attacks may find that combining weed with alcohol intensifies their feelings of stress or anxiety. The combination of the two substances can trigger paranoid psychotic symptoms and magnify all the of the effects of a bad high. Insomnia, intense nightmares, and panic attacks may be part of an experience that is unpredictable and frightening.

Smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol may not seem so bad to some people. When the combination of the two leads to the recreational use of other harder drugs and engaging in riskier behaviors, the risk of going overboard is higher. Experimenting while already impaired doesn't allow the user to process what is happening to their body fully, thus overdose while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana is much more common. Getting drunk and then stoned leads to a common condition known as greening out. Nausea, sweats, dizziness and a general feeling of sickness come over those who toke up after they are already drunk.

Wilmington Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center For 2018

Are you addicted to drinking and using marijuana? At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, we know it's easy to get pulled into the partying lifestyle and overindulge. Developing an addiction to alcohol, marijuana or harder drugs can happen faster than you realize. Many of those who find themselves addicted began using as a way to cope with low self-esteem, stress, an undiagnosed mental health condition, or to escape their own reality. Whatever the reason you began to use, we can help. Our holistic approach to substance abuse treatment starts with understanding why you use alcohol or drugs.

Together with your therapist and your Life-Purpose coach, you will discover the underlying issues that have contributed to your addiction at our Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center. Learning new and positive ways to confront these problems and cope in a healthy manner is the first step to overcoming your addiction. Your treatment plan will focus on restoring your health and sobriety from multiple angles. With a focus on mind, body, and spirit, Legacy Freedom helps our clients heal the physical and emotional ravages of their addiction.

Rediscovering your passions with your Life-Purpose coach will help you set goals for your recovery process and reignite your enthusiasm to live without drugs or alcohol. Our staff physical therapist will guide you through healing your body with gentle movements and an introduction to regular exercise. Nutrition is an essential part of the recovery process. Learning to cook for yourself and make healthy food choices with our dietician will help get you back on track. We believe that when you feel good, you make good decisions. Healing the body is essential for repairing the mind and overcoming your dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Alternative treatments like equine-assisted therapy, tai chi, acupuncture, and adventure therapy are used to treat underlying or co-occurring mental health issues that are contributing to your addiction. Through these treatments, you will learn to develop positive coping methods and use mindfulness and other healthy techniques to combat your addiction. Learn more about our more than ten alternative treatment methods here on our blog.

Don't start the new year struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Legacy Freedom has helped thousands of clients overcome their addictions and go on to lead sober, purpose-filled lives. Let us help you live a healthy and sober life starting today. Call or click to connect with the Legacy Freedom care team and begin your journey to a life free from alcohol or drugs. What are you waiting for?

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