How to Have a Hangover Free Holiday

Asheville NC Alcohol RehabHangovers are total misery. Anyone that's ever said different has probably never had even the slightest hangover. After a long night of heavy drinking, your body needs to recuperate. You are essentially poisoning yourself with the alcohol. Because of that, it can cause some serious side effects. The worst hangovers include dehydration, migraine-like headaches, fatigue, sweating, dizziness, vomiting, and sleep disruption. At the time, drinking in excess seems like a good, fun time. But, the effects hit you soon enough and you're regretting it over and over again. If you need Asheville alcohol rehab in 2018, contact Legacy Freedom.

While refraining from drinking alcohol at all is the best way to have a hangover free holiday, there are a few prevention tips you can consider so that your holiday isn't ruined by a terrible, hard to get over hangover.

If you weren't aware, red wine, whiskey, brandy, and other hard liquors produce a more severe hangover than beer. Even if you're not a lover of beer, considered consuming it instead of other things. Also, the lighter the beer the less likely you are to have a severe hangover. Steer clear from any type of alcohol that has more than two to three ingredients.

As we mentioned above, forgoing alcohol totally is the best way to prevent a hangover. However, if you do choose to drink during the holidays pace yourself. Try to have a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. This will keep you hydrated and also help you keep a low blood alcohol level.

The next best thing to forgoing the alcohol altogether is to drink in moderation. Remember that one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men are the recommended amounts from most medical professionals. Try sticking with this during the holidays, even if you think it's a little extreme. There are ways to have fun, relax, and enjoy the holidays without excessive alcohol.

Always eat before drinking. Why? The more food you have in your stomach the more alcohol is absorbed. That means, if you're hungry and have one or two drinks, you're more likely to get an immediate buzz. Then, as we all know, you'll end up drinking more than you intended to.

When eating before drinking, be sure to eat a good mix of fat, carbs, and protein the day before your night of drinking. This balanced mix of nutrients will help line your stomach. It'll also help stabilize your blood sugar and ensure you've eaten enough to lower your risk of drinking too much for a premature buzz.

Making sure you stay hydrated is extremely important. Having a glass of water between each alcoholic drink is the best way to stay hydrated. Also, after your night of drinking has ended, be sure to drink at least one or two more glasses of water before going to sleep.

Did you know that drinking alcohol in cold weather can cause side effects to worsen? It's because alcohol warms your body temps while outdoor temps are cooler. This back and forth of rising and lowering temps can cause a worse hangover. If you are going to have several drinks this season, stay indoors where you can regulate your body temperature.

Even if you think you haven't had too much to drink, take over-the-counter pain relief, before bed. It can really make a difference the next day. Just try to stay away from Tylenol. Acetaminophen is toxic to the liver as it is. Because alcohol also affects your liver, it can be more toxic than normal.

Remember, the only way to ensure a hangover free holiday season is to stay alcohol free. At the very least, limit yourself to one or two drinks per outing or event. It's important to enjoy your holiday season without having to worry about a terrible hangover the next day. We hope these tips help you prevent excessive drinking as well as a hangover the season!

After reading this, you might realize that your hangovers are a reoccurring issue. If that's the case, alcohol rehab is something you should consider. Don't assume that you have to deal with this alone. Our facility is here to offer you an alternative holistic therapy that can help you find recovery. Alcohol abuse is something that you should not have to deal with alone.

The Best Asheville NC Alcohol Rehab for 2018

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