Habits of Self-Destructive People

drug rehab in columbusThanks for joining us in our second installment on self-destructive behavior. If you're new to the discussion, part one touched on what exactly self-destructive behavior is, as well as the three different models these behaviors are classified in. Click here if you would like to become more aware of what self-destruction actually is.

In the next two posts we are going to discuss several of the habits of self-destructive people.

Habits of Self-Destructive People

People who are self-destructive often engage in extreme negative behaviors. Some might not seem as bad as others, but all have their risks involved. In order to begin treating these bad behaviors, we have to first have an idea of what they are.

Self-Defeating Thoughts and Mindset - Many people often engage in this type of self-destructive behavior. It usually happens to us in an unconscious form. Many times these thoughts seem to be self-fulfilling prophecies, like when you know that you are going to fail a test, or how your job is going to completely destroy you, etc.

Failing To Take Action - Most people that are self-destructive in nature never take the right actions to remedy their situation. Although this might seem like a passive aggressive habit, it is one that can continue to have negative consequences on your life. If you know that something is bad for you, yet you fail to act in a way to fix it, you're only setting yourself up for guaranteed failure.

Under And Over Eating - Many people deal with life problems in several different ways. Some choose to not eat anything, while others might eat everything in sight. Both have many long-term health issues and can also be related to other more serious psychological issues.

Forced Incompetence - This can also go hand-in-hand with laziness and deceitfulness. This habit is where someone acts and portrays them self as someone who is unintelligent or incapable of doing something successfully. This habit can also be a sign of depression and self-confidence issues as well. Typically this behavior is used as a coping mechanism to deal with future failures.

Making Time To Also Harm Others - You know the old saying of how misery loves company? Well that is also true with those that practice in constant self-destruction. In some situations, not only will these people want to bring themselves down, but they want others to suffer with them as well. Whether it be through some sort of legal problem, sickness, tragedy, fear or intimidation, some self-destructive people will go out of their way to bring harm to others.

There is never anything positive from engaging in this type of bad behavior, and it can lead you down a path toward some serious life issues. To read the next installment of the habits of people with self-destructive tendencies, click here.

Alternative Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus OH for Self-Destructive People

If you've turned to drugs and alcohol because of self-destructive behavior, maybe it's time to seek treatment.

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