Why Is Group Therapy Useful for Recovery?

drug rehab in RaleighGroup therapy is an important part of the treatment process for someone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. In a comprehensive program, it’s used along with rehabilitation and one-on-one therapy. The combination of these therapies can result in successful completion of your alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh, and your long-term recovery as well.

There are different types of group therapy, from those that offer general support to groups that specialize in skill development, education, behavior modification and interpersonal issues. A therapist or program counselor can help those interested in group therapy find the best fit for their situation. Sessions are generally held once or twice a week with up to 12 people. They can vary in size depending on the focus of the group. Some groups may have a structured session with different topics each week, while others may have more of an open dialogue for members to speak freely about various subjects.

Someone in group therapy not only benefits from the support of the therapist who leads the session, but also the interaction with other participants. Many people enter a rehab program feeling isolated, so being able to talk with others going through the same situation can help them feel less alone. The other members of the group may be in varying stages of recovery so by sharing experiences, everyone learns about the different steps involved in overcoming an addiction.

Group therapy can become somewhat of a safe haven for those struggling with addiction problems because they can open up more freely than they may be able to with their family or loved ones.  They are also able to share experiences and fears that they may not want to talk about with loved ones because they don’t want to worry their families. It’s normal for someone who is overcoming an obstacle to have thoughts about going back to old habits, and being able to talk openly about them can help them learn coping skills.

This type of therapy is also helpful in learning how to communicate with people again. When someone struggles with addiction, they often cut themselves off from the world. It can seem difficult to have regular conversations with people.  By participating in a group setting, a recovering addict can learn how to be social without being under the influence. Because it is a safe environment, they can feel comfortable experimenting without fear of being judged.

Group therapy can also help because participants can give and receive honest feedback. When people share experiences, they can hear new perspectives that they may not have thought of, which can lead to new solutions for working through issues.  It can also help a person have a greater understanding of himself when he is able to get honest feedback from peers.

People in recovery can continue going to group therapy after their initial treatment program ends. It can give them a sense of responsibility to stay on track. Some groups allow participants to emerge as leaders after they have been sober for a period of time. They can act as role models for newer members, offering hope that recovery is possible.

Holistic and Alternative Alcohol Drug Rehab in Raleigh

If you’re considering getting alcohol or drug rehab in Raleigh, give us a call at Legacy Freedom Treatment Center. There’s no reason to be afraid to get help. Our caring admissions counselors can answer any question you may have. We offer outpatient programs designed to let you continue to work and meet family obligations. We have many different therapy options, including group therapy. Call us today. We want to be a part of your recovery from addiction.

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