Group Therapy for PTSD

Psychologist in Raleigh, NCIt is natural to experience anxiety following a traumatic experience. However, in some cases, the anxiety is so severe it leaves a person feeling empty, worthless and becomes completely debilitating. When this happens, the person is suffering from PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder symptoms often lead to occupational dysfunction, relationship difficulty and numerous other functional impairments, changing the person’s life forever.

The number of cases of PTSD that have been reported since 2010 has risen to over 300,000 per the National Institute of Mental Health. Those who suffer from this life altering condition range from our brave combat veterans to those who have endured horrific personal tragedies. The staff at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh understands that PTSD effects every facet of your life. If you, or a loved one, are suffering from PTSD and have tried traditional approaches without success, Legacy Freedom’s holistic mental health care may be right for you.

Our professional team of therapists, clinicians, dietitians and life coaches work with you to create a treatment plan centered around you, not your PTSD. Our holistic approach allows us to treat you as a whole person, not just your mental illness. Utilizing non-traditional therapies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, equine therapy and adventure therapy in combination with life coaching and talk therapy, we can tailor your program to your needs.

Several treatment strategies exist to reduce and manage PTSD symptoms, but group psychotherapy has been determined to be extremely helpful for patients. Many therapists will encourage a patient to join a group therapy program along with using anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications to help the patient on the road to recovery.

How does group therapy work?

The focus of this group is to assist the patient on their road to recovery. Group therapy is used to relay information to the patients and teach them new coping skills. Patients will meet with the group and one or two designated psychiatrists once or twice a week depending on the program. Patients will often receive homework to complete between the sessions, which helps in the recovery process. While in the group, patients will learn how to handle both expected and unexpected difficulties, deal with interpersonal conflicts and avoiding behaviors. It is important to learn these skills so that the patient can manage everyday life occurrences successfully.

Many patients experience delayed onset of PTSD. This may be because they ignored their feelings, were unaware of what was happening, or simply thought feeling this way was completely normal. These symptoms might take weeks or months to show themselves and the patient can be left feeling alone, scared and anxious.

Choosing to include group therapy in your treatment plan allows you to connect with a community of people who suffer from PTSD. While it may not seem important to connect with other patients like you, the National Mental Health Institute’s study on PTSD found that patients who participated in group therapies were 44 percent less likely to continue to exhibit avoiding behaviors and were 33 percent more likely to feel comfortable enough to attend social functions and gatherings with family or friends.

Dependable Group Therapy and PTSD Psychologist in Raleigh, NC

Legacy Freedom is here to help. We want you to live your best life. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have tried traditional therapy and stopped going, we are here. The help you need and deserve is just a phone call or a button click away. Connect with Legacy Freedom today and see how our psychologist in Raleigh, NC can help you on your journey to overcoming your PTSD. Call today!

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