Grieving the Death of Your Addiction

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How does one grieve an addiction? We spoke about this briefly in part one of this series and in today's post we are going to dig a little deeper into how addicts actually get to this point. If you find yourself, or someone you love and care about, needing drug rehab Raleigh NC services then please call Legacy Freedom for help.

In studying psychology, we learned that there are 5 stages of grief. These stages are denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance. When a person becomes sober and gives up substance addiction they might feel some of the same feelings.


Grieving your addiction problem will start with a state of denial. Addicts will waiver on giving up their toxic lifestyle for good. They will tell themselves that they have their addiction under control and can just quit at anytime. This is hardly ever the actual truth. Addicts will take this stance because they are scared of the work and pain that goes into cleaning up, detoxifying and staying sober.


This stage is when most addicts relapse. They will have a few brief moments of sobriety and will get too comfortable with their situation. They will allow themselves to have a few drinks on the weekends or with friends so they can maintain these relationships without coming clean about their sobriety issues. They also do this to try and prove to themselves that they can handle cleaning up their messy life on their own without help. Most addicts typically fail at handling their problems on their own and their situation just gets worse.


Anger happens when the addict finally understands exactly how toxic their relationship with their beloved substance of choice is. They start to understand all the pain that their addiction to drugs or alcohol has caused their family and friends. The anger is experienced is also a form of awareness and self reflection. They will start to look back at all the money they have lost to drugs and alcohol, they will realize the drugs have caused them to lose jobs and opportunities, and how they picked their substance over healthy relationships that ended painfully. Despite how they tried to defend their substance abuse problem in the past, now the addict might be angry, and disappointed in themselves for allowing their situation to get so bad.


The depression stage usually follows the anger. Addicts will often become sad when they fully become aware of the pain they have caused their loved ones over their substance abuse. Addicts may also become sad knowing that they aren't ever going to be well and they are part of a group that cannot ever have one more drink, or use one last time. They have to say goodbye to their substance abuse for good. The depression phase and the acceptance stage are very similar but differ deeply on the emotional side.


This final phase should be celebrated. It is when the addict finally surrenders and realizes they cannot go on in life battling their addiction. They are ready to fully commit to recovery and finally able to really understand what it takes to lead a sober life. They are finally ready to give up their old ways and turn over a new leaf.

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