How Do I Approach a Person Who’s Constantly Using?

drug rehab in greensboroDo you worry about a loved one that seems to be using drugs or alcohol to cope with life? Whether it’s a friend or family member, approaching them about their problem can be quite difficult. Of course, you want to help them. You don’t, however, want to give them a reason to feel threatened by you or to think that you’re turning your back on them.

Often, those who need help for an addiction tend to assume that the world is against them, especially family or friends. They expect you to support them, even if their actions aren’t worthy of it. You can support them, yes, but ensuring you’re not also enabling their problem is key. Again, this can be very challenging.

The best first step in approaching your loved one is to determine they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Many believe that in order to have a problem with using, you must do so every single day. This is actually untrue. Often, an individual can be addicted to drugs or alcohol without using constantly. They might have a sound job and live life normally. They might only drink or use drugs on the weekend. Their behavior might be out of control for just those two days, and then, as the weekend ends, so does their drug or alcohol use.

Every addiction is different. It’s a condition that wreaks havoc, even if the addict keeps the effects as discrete as possible. The best way to tell if your loved one has a problem with substance abuse is by taking time to really monitor their behavior. Be on the lookout for these signs below. If you find a pattern, they might need drug rehab in Greensboro NC.

  • Are they constantly sick or hungover?
  • Are they drinking or using drugs more frequently now?
  • Are they driving while under the influence now, but wouldn’t do so before?
  • Are they functioning well in school or at work?
  • Do they act like a completely different person when they use?
  • Do they complain about old friends not wanting to hang out with them anymore?
  • Do they have a set of friends you’ve never met?
  • Do they stick to one substance over another?
  • Does their entire social life, outside of work or school revolve around drinking or using drugs?
  • Have they lost their job, have problems at home, legally, or complain about money problems?
  • How do they act in a crowd?
  • Is their substance abuse hindering their everyday life?
  • What do they do at home?
  • When they party, do they only do so where drugs or alcohol are available?

Answering these questions can help you decide whether or not it’s time to intervene with drug rehab in Greensboro NC. If you find that it is time, consider the following:

  • You’ll be nervous to bring this conversation up. That’s OK. Don’t try to be perfect. You’ll say things that aren’t perfectly structured, but the main point is to get across that you’re concerned.
  • Be completely honest and to the point. Don’t talk around the real problems.
  • Ask them to dinner or coffee (somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol) so that you can have a conversation about your concerns. Remind them that their actions will affect their career, kids and other things in their lives.
  • Make sure your loved one isn’t using drugs or alcohol at the time you’re approaching them. They shouldn’t be hungover, either.
  • Remember incidents that have lead you to the conclusion that they’re using. Use those specifics during your conversation. Remind them of how they have been behaving.
  • Consider approaching this situation via letter. You might find that you can reach them better through pen and paper. Sometimes, our deepest thoughts are better expressed through writing.
  • Gather information about Legacy Freedom Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, so that you can share it with your loved one.
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