Greensboro 2017 New Year’s Activities

Alcohol Rehab Greensboro NCWe all make resolutions for each new year. Some stick, some do not. Most of the time we choose to make goals that better ourselves. Whether it's joining a gym, getting fit, eating healthier or saving money, each goal is something to work towards.

While these are all great, how about thinking about having fun and relaxing for a minute? How often do you do this, guilt-free? What if you made a resolution to do something fun and exciting once a month for the rest of the year?

If you're interested in making this goal for yourself, consider the following activities that will be going on in 2017 in and around the Greensboro area! If you're in need of alcohol rehab Greensboro NC services in 2017, don't hesitate to call Legacy Freedom. You'll appreciate our affordable, outpatient treatment options.

Greensboro 2017 Sober and Fun Activities

The Greensboro Swarm

This is a great way to catch a semi-pro basketball game without leaving the area. The team is affiliated with the Charlotte Hornets and you'll be sure to love watching them play!


If you're looking to broaden your ethnic knowledge in food this year, consider joining Ethnosh. It's a great way to get to know immigrant owned restaurants in the area once a month. You'll not only learn about the delicious food cultures but also hear stories of the families and chefs who create this experience.

Underground Dining

You may have never heard of this, but it is a great event to host in your home or in a venue. Depending on what level you're looking to host, you can hire a professional chef. Most of the time, the menu is held secret until guests arrive. If you're nervous about hosting one yourself, consider attending one first. Then, you'll see what the fuss is about. This is a popular way to explore the food world. Consider using Next Supper Underground Dining Collective if you'd like to join a dinner soon.

Fitness in the Park

As we mentioned, a lot of people set a goal in the new year to get active and fit. Why not consider joining a class that is held right inside a beautiful park? There's no better way to get motivated. Take yoga, dance classes and more! Even better, all classes are free.

Lakes and Parks

Those who live in the area might not even realize what lies close by in terms of beautiful nature. There are several lakes and parks within driving distance that you should consider seeing this year. From Lake Townsend, to Lake Higgins, Lake Brandt and more, you'll find boat tours, hiking and more.

We hope these activities help you get excited about this new year and all the great things to come. To learn about more activities going on in 2017, visit with our next blog post soon.

Alcohol Rehab Greensboro NC | Legacy Freedom

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