Grey Death – Powerful New Super Opiate Hitting the Streets

Drug Treatment in Asheville NCDrug use is worrisome, no matter what type of drug it is. However, there are some out there that are worse than others. For the best drug treatment in Asheville NC, look no further than Legacy Freedom. We can help you and your family beat addiction. However, in recent news, you may have heard researchers and journalists talk about a new drug that has been linked to fatal overdoses.

Even if you haven't heard of it, our hope here is to report on this lethal drug that is gaining popularity in the south. Grey death is a mixture of various opioids that is putting users at risk because each batch is different and no one knows exactly what is in even the smallest dose. Because it is extremely potent, even a very small dose can kill.

Grey death is named after its powdery, concrete-like appearance. It's grey in color, varying from light to dark shades, depending on different batches. It is made up of various opioids like fentanyl, heroin and other deadly drugs.

In Georgia, alone, over the past couple of months police departments have seized at least 50 batches of this lethal drug. Atlanta is a major hotspot for grey death. However, the struggle is also starting to show up in other areas including Pennsylvania, Ohio and Alabama.

As we stated above, each batch is a little different. Even the color can vary. The entire experience is a mystery. What's scary is that forensic chemists who have been researching the drug have concern for its color, in addition to other things. Investigations leave chemists perplexed. There is nothing within the ingredients that should leave it a grey color.

Scientists believe the reason they're not able to fully understand what the drug is and why it is grey in color is because there may be a low concentration of different drugs that do not show up in tests. So far, the drug has tested positive for various opioids like U–47700, heroin and other fentanyl-like molecules.

One thing is for certain, the drug is potent and deadly. Overdoses are happening almost instantly, after the first use.

Another thing that's for certain, because there's a mixture of different kinds of drugs, chemists believe that they will continue to be guessing at what grey death actually is. Medical examiners believe that the drug is being derived from a variety of things, and being thrown together based on what the producers may have on hand.

There has been a greyish type of heroin being used in various parts of the U.S. since 2012. However, those mixtures did not contain U–47700. In a previous blog post, we talked about this deadly drug. It is made overseas and can vary in purity and identity. Most of the time, it is a pinkish color that comes in a powder.

The DEA has taken action and is hoping to crack down on what grey death actually is. However, until chemists are able to test the mixture and find every bit of the drug types within it, it's doubtful that we will be able to completely crack down on it.

With manufacturers changing the fentanyl molecule, they are able to export drugs faster than the DEA can regulate them. The changes skirt US laws. This means, some doses of the drug can be 100 times more potent than regular fentanyl and up to 10,000 times more potent than morphine.

Considering the facts, grey death is extremely dangerous. Overdosing in an instant after using the drug is just part of the problem. It has been reported in recent news that an Ohio police officer actually overdosed after touching a small amount of grey death.

The Fight Against Drugs And Drug Addiction Topic: Addict HoldingPeople who are coming in contact with the drug are almost immediately dying from overdose. Unfortunately, many people who are purchasing the drug don't realize what they're getting. They might assume they're buying mostly heroin, but with all the other synthetic drugs involved, they're getting much more than they bargained for.

With departments like the United States Drug Enforcement Agency and Department of Homeland Security working together, it is hoped that eventually they'll be able to better understand this mixture of drugs called grey death. It is also hoped that articles like these will bring awareness to those who are not familiar with it.

Grey death is violently dangerous and extremely lethal. One dose could lead to overdose. With the fact that someone has now died from just touching the drug, it is assumed that the problem is worse than anybody may have ever imagined. Please be aware and alert to loved ones who might be struggling with drug use. They need to be informed about the dangers of this deadly drug.

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