Why Giving Makes You Feel Good

Charlotte Mental Health ServicesDropping a few dollars in the red Salvation Army kettle or helping hand out holiday meals to families in need may not seem like a big deal to some people. 'Tis the season for giving, after all. Did you know that acts of generosity have a profound impact on your mental health? In fact, researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland have found that even thinking about doing something generous for someone else had mood boosting benefits for your brain. If you are need of Charlotte mental health services this holiday season, reach out to Legacy Freedom. We care and we want to help you!

The study showed that planning to give away a little bit of money or giving away a lot of money had the same effect on the brain and the reported happiness of those who participated in the study. Regular giving has been linked to long-term happiness and well-being. During the research study, participants were told they would be given one hundred dollars over the next few weeks. Half of those participating in the study were asked to spend the money on someone they knew while the other half were invited to spend the money on themselves.

Each participant was asked to think about who they would like to give a gift to and about how much they would hypothetically spend on that gift. The researchers' intent was to see if merely pledging to be generous would make people feel happier. After asking these questions, a functional MRI was performed. The areas of the brain related to decision-making, happiness, generosity, and social behaviors were mapped.

Those who had agreed to spend the money on someone else at the beginning of the study tended to make more generous decisions throughout the study. These choices were reflected in the patterns of brain activity that were observed on the MRI scan. The parts of the brain associated with altruism and happiness showed more interaction than those who chose to spend the money on themselves. Participants who were focused on giving and generosity throughout the study also reported higher levels of happiness after the conclusion of the testing.

Giving to someone else or giving of yourself this holiday season helps those you give to and can help boost your mood. If you find you're struggling with the holiday blues, find ways in your community and in your social circle to give back and do good this holiday season. Donating your time, a small amount of money, or just opening your home to those who may not have family nearby can make your holidays warmer and brighter.

Affordable Charlotte Mental Health Services For The Holidays

Still struggling to find the joy during this season? Let the expert staff at Legacy Freedom of Charlotte help. For thousands of clients, our unique holistic approach to mental health care has provided the answers and guidance they were looking for. We know that each person and their mental health needs are unique and different. No two care plans are the same, and your care team will help you create the right blend of traditional talk therapy and alternative treatments to meet your needs.

Make 2018 the year you take control of your mental health with comprehensive Charlotte mental health services from Legacy Freedom. From all of us to all of you we wish you a holiday season filled with giving, peace, and hope.

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