What Do Girl Scouts Know About Mental Health?

depression therapy in Columbus, OHDid you know that Girl Scouts are learning about mental health? A merit badge for mental health awareness has been developed for the Girl Scouts of America. The credit for the creation of this badge goes to the International Bipolar Foundation in San Diego California. More than 4,000 girls have already earned the badge and are learning about what mental illness is, the impact of mental health, discussing the stigmas surrounding mental health, how mental health is portrayed in the media, and successful people who have experienced mental illness. End your suffering from mental illness by contacting Legacy Columbus. We offer the best depression therapy in Columbus, OH and lots more. Call today to learn more.

By giving the girls the opportunity to connect with mental health professionals in their communities, the organization hopes that the girls will learn what resources are available in their school and in their community for mental health. Heather Zupin, content manager for the International Bipolar Foundation, said that older girls might be struggling with mental health issues themselves. Zupin also stated that for younger girls the goal is to learn how to treat everyone and to teach them that you don't know what people are dealing with so you should be nice to everyone. Older girls are encouraged to ask for help when they need it and know where to turn to get that help.

The requirements to earn the badge vary depending on the age of the girl participating. They include activities like volunteering at a facility or function that addresses the needs of those with mental illness and interviewing someone who has struggled with mental illness. Other requirements include understanding the different ways mental illness is treated, learning what it means to have a mental illness, identifying famous people who have mental illnesses, and learning about stigma and how it impacts those with mental health issues. Girls are encouraged to talk with their family and school officials about ways to support those with mental illnesses both at home and in school.

Are you a parent of a Girl Scout who has completed this badge? Tell us in the comments below and share how earning this badge has changed the way you think about mental illness. If you are someone who is struggling with mental illness, how do you think this badge will help make a new generation react to the mental health needs of their community? What does it mean to you to have mental illness awareness taught to the younger generation?

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