Is Getting Engaged Bad for Your Mental Health?

Raleigh Mental Health ServicesIn a recent survey, more than 57% of brides said they knew the proposal of marriage was coming. Whether you know your partner is planning to get down on one knee and pop the question or you were in the 43% who said they were completely surprised by the proposal, getting engaged at the holidays can leave you feeling less than excited. For Raleigh mental health services you can trust, call Legacy Freedom.

Many newly engaged women find themselves feeling anxious or depressed in the days following that big moment. Suddenly, partners are noticing things about each other that they never noticed before. Once you are past the infatuation stage with your partner, the reality sets in that this person is you are going to spend your life with. Choosing to focus on trivial flaws in your partner may not be a sign that you should call the whole thing off, but it could be a sign that some underlying issues between the two of you are causing you to feel anxious, depressed, or hyperfocused on your partner's flaws.

So what's a new bride-to-be to do? Put down the bridal magazine and turn your attention inward. Many newly engaged people feel an extreme sense of pressure from family and friends to set a date, begin planning the wedding, and rushing into life together. Figuring out what's causing you to feel anxious or depressed about being engaged is essential.

Have you let your self-care lapse?
Once the ring is on her finger, most women turn into wedding planning rock stars. Getting excited and planning your big day is fun, but letting your self-care lapse, especially when you already struggle with anxiety or depression, is not. If you have been skipping or rushing through the things you need to do to take care of yourself so you can wedding plan, its time to dial back the planning and return to your routine. Finding a balance between the two is key.

Are you getting bogged down by details?
Trying to plan it all when you're engaged is nearly impossible. Involving a close friend or family member in the planning can help you feel less overwhelmed and anxious about creating the perfect day. Give your maid of honor and your mom to-do lists and let it go. While it may not be the way you would choose to do it, getting everything done and the result is all that matters.

What are you afraid of?
Talk about your fears and concerns with a trusted friend, family member, or your partner. Rationalizing your anxieties and worries can help alleviate many of issues that are keeping you up at night or making you weepy. Don't be afraid to ask for help to deal with these feelings.

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