How to Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down!

drug rehab in raleighNo matter how much planning and preparation you do when you make a major life change, such as seeking help for a substance abuse problem or leaving a bad relationship, there are times when you have a setback. There’s a quote that says, “When life knocks you down, try to land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.”

Looking up and looking forward when an unexpected challenge arises can help you move past it more quickly. But how do you look up when it seems like all the work you’ve done was ruined?

Check out these tips for getting back up when life knocks you down. If you need alcohol treatment or drug rehab in Raleigh, call Legacy Freedom!

1. See the glass as half full.
It may feel like everything you’ve worked toward has failed, but maybe it hasn’t. Try to find the opportunity in the situation. What if losing your job was the motivation you needed to start your own business or go back to school? We often wish for things that we don’t seek out because we don’t think we can do them. Sometimes we need an outside influence to make us take that first step.

2. Reevaluate your goals.
If you feel you’re constantly dealing with setbacks, maybe you’ve set your standards too high. We all want to be successful, but we have to be realistic in our expectations. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, then you may want to reconsider your time frame. It’s not realistic, nor is it healthy.

3. Take responsibility.
If your setback was something you caused, such as having a drink although you’re in recovery, you need to take responsibility for it. Placing blame on other factors or people won't make the mistake go away. Accept what you did, try to determine why you did it, and then take steps to keep it from happening again.

4. Get help from friends.
Having a support system is important when you’re working towards a big goal. If you’re trying to write a book, join a writing club so that you can talk with others in your situation. If you’re in recovery for a substance abuse problem, go to meetings once a week to help stay on track.

5. Talk yourself up.
Practice positive talk all the time, not just when you’ve experienced an obstacle. Be sure to congratulate yourself on the progress you’ve made every day. Building self-esteem and confidence helps you become stronger and helps strengthen your resolve to meet your goals.

6. Look to the past.
Think of a time in the past when you struggled because of a setback. How did you handle it? Did you turn it into a positive lesson? If not, how can you work around this obstacle in a healthier way? Each time you work through something that’s keeping you from meeting your goals, you’re equipping yourself with the tools you need to reach your goals.

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