Gender in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

drug treatment in wilmington NCAddiction recovery is a personal process that should be based on a person’s individual needs. Whether gender affects what needs that person has is debatable, but it can be a factor.

Men and women process drugs and alcohol differently on a biological level. Studies have shown that while men are more likely to have substance abuse problems, women develop them more quickly. The effects of drugs on women can be stronger and last longer than for men, so that factor needs to be considered when someone is attempting to get clean. There are studies that show the damage cocaine can do to the brain is less significant in women. If you're in need of top notch drug treatment in Wilmington NC, call Legacy Freedom. We can help!

So How Does Gender Play a Role?

The reason why someone uses drugs can be related to gender, so those issues must be addressed in treatment. Men tend to use drugs to make an already good mood better, or to deal with social issues such as anxiety. Women, on the other hand, often use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate because of emotional or psychological problems. Women may also turn to drugs to deal with being a victim of physical or sexual abuse, or in relation to an eating disorder.

The results of using drugs or drinking excessively have more consequences for women than men. There is more of a chance a woman will engage in risky behavior that could lead to an unplanned pregnancy, STDs or sexual assault. These can affect other parts of her life as well as prevent her from seeking help out of shame. Men can also feel ashamed of their addiction problem, but oftentimes there seems to be less to lose if they admit they have a problem.

When it comes to seeking treatment, women are less likely to be able to get help because of cost factors, lack of childcare or other responsibilities they aren’t able to manage while in a program. Men can also face these problems as well. Both are susceptible to not getting help because of the stigma surrounding addiction.

Of the two genders, women make better progress once they get into treatment. It is important that treatment takes a holistic approach so that the factors that may have caused her to abuse drugs, such as emotional or mental problems, are addressed. Women may also need additional support if they are the caregivers in their families. Men also need a plan that is personalized to their needs, such as flexibility so he can continue to work.

Women have been known to relapse more than men, but they are also more likely to recover from a relapse more quickly than men.

Both genders can benefit from an approach that allows them to address issues they feel have caused them to turn to drugs or alcohol in order to cope. Alternative therapies can be beneficial for anyone seeking other ways to work through their issues and learn to live without the substance they have become dependent on.

Need Alternative and Holistic Drug Treatment in Wilmington NC?

If life problems have led to heavy drinking or drug use, and you want to get help, give us a call at Legacy Freedom. There is no reason to be afraid. Our caring admissions counselors can answer any questions you may have about our drug treatment in Wilmington NC. We have alternative therapies that we customize to meet your individual needs. We want to be a part of your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Call Legacy of Wilmington today to discuss the many outpatient treatment options we offer.

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