Gender Differences in PTSD

Greensboro, NC PTSD TherapyAre you experiencing symptoms that cannot be explained when faced with a trigger of a memory or situation you were involved in at some point? Did a car accident cause you to become petrified of riding in a car.

Traumatic experiences can leave us feeling scared and anxious. That is normal because fear is triggered in many different ways. Most of the time, we have a fight or flight response that leaves us shying away from a situation where we feel a need to protect ourselves. Almost everyone will experience this at least once in their lifetime. If you're searching for Greensboro, NC PTSD therapy, please call Legacy Freedom.

Unfortunately, those who continue to have a reaction to the traumatic experience, time and time again might be diagnosed with PTSD. This disorder can be triggered by anything. Sometimes a sound or smell can throw us right back into the trauma we once experienced.

Women suffer from PTSD more than men according to a study that was done after 25 years of research. The American Psychological Association found that men experience more events that are traumatic than women. However, women are more likely to be diagnosed with post dramatic stress disorder.

PTSD is a condition that causes extreme anxiety and depression and people who have experienced a traumatic event like war, a car accident, abuse or other life-changing situations.

Some experts believe that the reason men are less likely to be diagnosed with PTSD then women is due to the way they are tested for the condition. Many physicians use visual computer testing. In a study done at the San Francisco VA medical center, 18 men and 13 women were studied. Each of them had been diagnosed previously with post dramatic stress disorder. The men and women were shown images on a computer screen. Attached to their palms were electrodes that would offer and measure of physiological response what time the participants saw an image. Small shocks would be felt after various images were seen. Women responded much more strongly than men during the study. This could mean that women can be conditioned by fear more so than men.

Remember, those this disorder is more common in women, anyone can experience PTSD. It can come from a life-threatening experience that causes severe stress and anxiety. The situation in which PTSD is triggered is different for everyone. It doesn't have to be from a military experience like we often assume. Don't ignore the symptoms if you've been subjected to them. Legacy Freedom can help. There are treatment programs geared toward helping those with this very disorder. Don't hesitate. Contact us now.

Greensboro, NC PTSD Therapy For Women

If you’re a woman suffering from PTSD and need help from a professional, contact Legacy Freedom of Greensboro. PTSD is something that can plague anyone, no matter what their traumatizing experience was. Don't assume it's only a disorder for those that have been in the military or experienced war. Thankfully, it’s something that can be treated, and we can help. Call now for more information about our Greensboro, NC PTSD therapy programs.

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