More on the Impact of Gang Involvement on Mental Health

Counselor in Raleigh, NCWelcome back to the second part of our series on the mental health of gang members. In our previous post, we examined the high incidence of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder in those who affiliate themselves with gangs. A powerful combination of substance abuse, frequent exposure to violence, and seeing the gang as a way to cope with loneliness leaves members facing high rates of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Speak with a counselor in Raleigh, NC today by calling Legacy Freedom. We can and will help you!

Young adults who find themselves involved in gangs are more likely to be struggling with significant mental health issues. A study conducted in the UK found that more than 85% of the gang members surveyed had a personality disorder and that 25% of those screened were positive for psychosis. Researchers agreed that exposure to frequent violence was the likely cause of these mental health disorders. Gang members who reported being violent were also found to be more prone to mental health disorders.

Research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry asserts that impulsive violence by gang members may be directed both outward and inward. Almost one third of those surveyed had attempted suicide, though researchers found that those gang members who were violent were less likely to be suffering from depression.

The home life of these gang members was analyzed as part of these studies. Many of the members come from single parent homes where substance abuse, prostitution, gang involvement, and criminal histories were common. These vulnerabilities in their upbringing lead many gang members to look towards the gang for companionship and belonging. Members are also looking for a way to escape the poverty and hardships they faced in their early years.

Counselor in Raleigh, NC for Gang Members

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