Is There a Link Between Gambling and Substance Abuse?

drug rehab in Raleigh NCOver half of the people with one type of addiction problem have another one, according to research from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. It can be different substances or even behavior.

Compulsive behaviors involving gambling, food and/or sex can also be forms of addiction. The rate of drug or alcohol use is six times higher for someone who gambles excessively compared to people who don’t gamble at all, leading to the conclusion that there may be a link between gambling and substance abuse.

In a study done by St. Michael’s Hospital, researchers found that 10-20 percent of people with a substance abuse problem have a gambling problem, too. Another problem that people with both tendencies seem to have was engaging in risky sexual behavior. They also found that gambling could reinforce drug use. If you know someone suffering from an addiction, reach out to Legacy Freedom. We can help them with quality alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC!

Gambling and Substance Abuse

Some research has suggested that addiction is one disease that can manifest itself in many different forms, which would explain why people may have multiple addictions. The result of any addiction comes from the need to have the euphoric feeling that the release of dopamine causes. It can be caused by drugs, alcohol, winning a bet, having sex, or eating, depending on the individual. Once the brain experiences it, it begins to associate the substance or activity with pleasure. Over time, the brain will expect it and will need more in order to bring the same response.

There has been research that suggests some people may be more susceptible to addiction because of a lack of receptors in the brain that control impulse.  They may not know how to make good decisions because they don’t consider the consequences. Once someone has developed an addiction, it can make it even harder to make good choices. It could explain why some people can drink but never become an alcoholic, or try drugs but never become addicted. If you know someone that needs alcohol or drug rehab in Raleigh NC, please call Legacy Freedom today. We can help them.

The study cited that treatment may need to change in order to deal with addiction as a whole that can manifest itself in different behaviors, including substance abuse or compulsive behaviors such as gambling or overeating. Treating someone for a drinking problem but ignoring the fact that he or she may have a gambling problem won’t solve their problems. In fact, some people may give up one addiction for another.

Dr. Flora Matheson, a research scientist involved in the study, said, “In the absence of illegal drug purchasing, and the many behaviors that go with it, gambling can provide an alternative form of excitement.”

She went on to add, “Substitution of one behavior for another has long been identified as a key issue in the field of addiction and perhaps the very notion of substitution could be studied in its own right. It could very well be that in some cases the primary addiction is not to any one behavior, but to a process where the object can be and does get replaced and alternated."

Treatment that focuses on the patterns of addiction and how to break the habit can help an individual overcome the problem as a whole. Someone who is equipped with the ability to make better decisions in all areas of his or her life will be more likely to not engage in risky behavior or turn to drugs or alcohol to cope.

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