Fun, Sober Beach Activities

substance abuse treatment centers in greensboro NCAre you headed to the beach for a fun filled week of vacation? If so, you might be worried about being able to stay sober during this time. Vacation used to mean partying the week away. Now, it means relaxing, spending quality time with loved ones and having sober fun.

Below, you'll find several ideas that will help you have fun and stay sober during your whole beach trip! If you're searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Greensboro NC call Legacy Freedom for affordable rehabilitation programs.

Fun and Sober Beach Activities

Look for Dolphins

This is a great way to relax and see the beauty of our oceans. Dolphins are exciting and fun to watch!

The Boardwalk

This is a great past time for vacationing at the beach. You'll be able to spend at least a night and day here, playing games, eating and hanging out. There will be shopping, too!

Build a Sandcastle

Pretend you're a kid again! Build the best sandcastle on the beach. Try entering a contest or having one of your own.


You could ride the waves while body surfing, use a real surfboard or just swim traditionally. These are all great physical activities and they're fun!

Ride a Bike

There’s no better way to enjoy nature and relax at the same time than riding a bike. Ride around the neighborhood or on the beach if you can. Go at least ten miles to gain the benefit of exercise while riding.


Play beach volleyball, football or just play a nice old fashioned game of catch. You could even walk the dog or play Frisbee. This is a fun way to hang out on the beach and stay sober without craving substance abuse.


This is a great vacation past time that many forget about. Believe it or not, most people do more on vacation than they do on a daily basis. Take time to relax and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Lie on the beach or float in the water, read a book while picnicking or go for a hike. Wherever you are in the world vacationing, be sure to relax.

Taking a vacation while in recovery is a great opportunity. It's a time of rest and relaxation. Find a group of sober friends or family members to go with and have the time of your life at the beach!

For more fun ways to spend sober time at the beach visit back with our blog soon.

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