How Friendship Impacts Your Mental Health

Raleigh Mental HealthWhen you are struggling with your mental health and feeling alone and lost, there is nothing better than a friend to make you feel less lonely. Numerous studies have cited the benefits of friendship. Published in the Journal of the National Medical Association, a 2009 study found that those who had insufficient perceived social support were more likely to struggle with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. However, those who felt they had excellent support and friendships reported increased levels of happiness, decreased levels of stress, improved self-confidence, and a higher sense of self-worth.

By nature, we are social creatures. Friendships have a tremendous impact on our mental health and our lives in general. Coping with a new mental health diagnosis is easier when you have a close friend to rely on. Knowing you have a non-judgmental companion who will respond to your requests for help and support can make seeking mental health treatment and sticking to a treatment plan easier. The companionship your friends provide can help push you out of your shell, motivate you to try new things, and teach you to embrace the world.

Friendships help fight feelings of isolation and depression. For those with mental illnesses, it is easy to feel like an outcast because your psychological illness tells you that you are. While it may seem impossible, some people are willing to learn about your mental illness and how they can help. You may think people are just asking what they can do to be nice, but the reality is that they are asking because they want to help. These people want to lend support and genuinely care about you and your mental well-being. Accepting the help that is offered can be difficult, however, once you open yourself up and trust, the support and caring you find can transform your life in many ways.

Raleigh Mental Health

At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh, we believe in the power of friendship. One of the cornerstones of our mental health treatment program is group therapy sessions that are designed to include your friends, loved ones, and family members. During these sessions your support people will learn about your diagnosis and how they can help you maintain good mental health by becoming an advocate for you, supporting you away from the outpatient center, and being a good friend.

Our holistic approach to mental health care focuses on you as a whole person, not just your mental illness. By combining alternative treatment methods with traditional talk therapy, our staff is able to create a care plan that is tailored to meet your needs and goals. Your mental health is unique to you, and our customized therapy plans help make the process fulfilling and rewarding.

Get started with the quality mental health care you need and deserve by calling or clicking to connect with our care team today!

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