Are Friends Making Addiction Worse?

Groups of friends spend time in different ways. Some go out for sushi a night or two a week, some visit wineries on the weekends. Many times, friends spend more time drinking or doing drugs than we'd all like to admit. For addicts, spending time with this group of people can be difficult.


Are your friends making your addiction worse? This is a questions that, after a while, you must step back and ask yourself. Do you spend every minute of your time using drugs or drinking alcohol when with these people? Of course, we all assume that drinking or using is better together than alone, but what if they're making your addiction worse?

If there's a chance you think your friends are enabling your addiction take some time to consider the following. The information should help you determine whether or not your friends are good company or addiction enablers.

Addiction Enablers | Drug Treatment in Charlotte NC

Justify Bad Behavior

Friends that enable your addiction will do everything they can do justify the blackout you had last weekend or the raging fit you threw after doing too many drugs. They won’t treat it like it’s a big deal. In fact, they’ll refer to it as an epic time. Refusing to acknowledge bad behavior is dangerous. It causes you to continue down the road of addiction.

Are your friends cheering for you when you try to take 25 shots on your 25th birthday, even if you puke up the last few in front of everyone? Was the blackout you experienced last weekend no big deal, or even celebrated as “epic” by your crew?

If your friends aren’t calling you out when your behavior becomes dangerous, they are probably making your addiction worse.

Soberity Isn’t an Option

Have you ever tried to engage in fun activities with your friends, without substance use? Do they refuse to partake in them with you? If so, they’re enabling your addiction further. They’re encouraging you to do normal activities drunk or high on drugs. Hiking or going to the movies can be fun without drug use. They just don’t want to try.

Discourage Help

Have you been thinking of drug treatment in Charlotte NC? Do your friends discourage you from any type of rehab programs, inpatient or outpatient? If so, these friends aren’t helping you better yourself. They’re not supportive.

Friends also might tell you rehab never worked for them. Don’t listen. Every addiction is different. You never know what type of treatment will work until you try it.

Peer Pressure

Do your friends encourage you take as many drugs as they do in one sitting? Are they constantly egging you on to do more? While you might consider yourself too old to fall for peer pressure, it can happen no matter what age you are. Friends that enable addicts never know when enough is enough. Just a few drinks turn in to ten. Just a line or two of cocaine turns into an all-nighter of drug use.

Regardless of how bad drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. Contact Legacy Freedom if your teen needs drug treatment in Charlotte NC. We are here to help them get back on track to a healthier, happier life.

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