Former Greensboro Firefighter Headed Local Drug Ring

Drug Treatment in Greensboro NCAfter several years of tracking a former firefighter from Greensboro NC, the FBI eventually arrested Jamie Blunder for drug trafficking and cocaine possession last month.

According to, “Court records show that the investigation of Jamie Blunder, 48, of Charlotte, began with simple questions: How could a TSA officer afford a $72,000 Mercedes and make weekly deposits — in cash — of as much as $1,300. It ended with the FBI following and listening in on the elaborate code words they say Blunder and his co-conspirators used to arrange drug transactions.” If have a loved one in need of drug treatment in Greensboro NC, please consider calling Legacy Freedom. Ask about our outpatient rehab programs.

Triad NC Drug Ring Busted

In early November, the FBI arrested Blunder and seven more after a long investigation.

In 1998, Blunder joined the Greensboro fire department. He was stationed at Fire House 53. In 2008, he was arrested for cocaine possession, as well as drug trafficking charges. Because of the investigation, he was suspended without pay.  However, the charges did not stick, as the evidence was suppressed. Although the police found Blunder with more than five ounces of cocaine and close to ten thousand dollars, they could not make the charges stick at the time.

Because of the arrest, police began tracking Blunder's actions throughout the course of the next few years.

According to, “Federal officials soon began stitching together information about Blunder. He declared bankruptcy in 2012, the affidavit says, yet bought a home in Charlotte and the $72,000 Mercedes in 2014, despite having just one verifiable job, a low-level one with the TSA, at that.”

By early 2016, investigators were onto Blunder and took every means possible to monitor his actions.

The investigators placed a GPS tracking device on his car. He was followed as drug deals were done in and around Charlotte and Greensboro, as well as High Point and other areas. Phone calls were also bugged by the investigators.

Drug dogs were used to sniff out drugs in an SUV he was driving at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

According to the affidavit the following code names were used during phone conversations that were recorded:

  • “Grilling chicken breasts” – converting cocaine powder to crack
  • “One egg biscuit” – one ounce of cocaine
  • “Walmart” or “Super Walmart” – Drug suppliers

Believe it or not, Blunder also deposited close to one hundred thousand dollars into two different bank accounts in the past three years. In addition to other PNC bank branches, he used one in Greensboro.

“I have not been able to identify any other legitimate employment of Blunder outside of his employment with (the) TSA,” FBI Agent McNeely said in the affidavit.

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