Former Asheville Doctor, Pot Activist Arrested

Drug Rehabilitation in Asheville NCIn 1971, Monroe Piland was a 24-year-old war objector. He was stationed in California as a Navy officer. He wanted to leave the Navy because of his feelings on war, however, his request was denied.

In 1977, after eventually leaving the Navy, Piland graduated from Bowman Gray Medical School which is now known as Wake Forest School of Medicine. Piland received a physician's license.

Within a couple of years, Piland was found guilty in Dare County of manufacturing controlled substances and possessing marijuana. There were certain conditions he could comply with to suspend his one year imprisonment. Shortly after, he appealed the court's ruling, but he was denied by the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

In the early 1980s, the North Carolina Medical Board revoked Piland's license. It was taken due to the fact that he admitted he was growing marijuana for a cancer patient he was caring for. However, the cancer patient had never asked for Piland to provide or grow marijuana for her.

Fast forwarding to 2015, Piland was arrested in Buncombe County. He was charged with possession with intent to sell or distribute marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, and trafficking opium or heroin. Piland has been quoted as saying the following since his 2015 arrest. He states that marijuana laws are unconstitutional. He believes that the plant is an essential nutrient for health. He also stated, "What I do know is that the law against a plant is blasphemous. Humans are confused at times, obviously, with trying to make a plant illegal."

Shortly after his 2015 arrest, he was again arrested on nine different charges. These were grand jury indictments that involved giving marijuana to a child. Piland mixed goat's milk with marijuana for the child, and blew smoke into the minor's face as well. If you need quality outpatient drug rehabilitation in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom.

Piland also was charged with intent to distribute a drug similar to hydrocodone and opium poppy. He then received a very unusual charge from the grand jury, as well. He was charged with intent to distribute certain foods at Halloween and other times. He had gifted aphrodisiac chocolate balls mixed with marijuana to a teacher on Valentine's Day in 2013. This charge was linked to the food distribution charge.

 drug rehabilitation in Asheville NCThese charges led Piland to be sentenced to a minimum of 18 years and nine months to a maximum of 23 years and six months. This sentence was given by Superior Court judge Gregory Horn. In addition to the sentence, he was also fined $500,000. This was for charges that included trafficking opium or heroin, intent to sell and distribute marijuana, possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of a daycare, manufacturing marijuana within 1000 feet of a daycare, possession of marijuana paraphernalia, and maintaining a dwelling for the keeping of controlled substances.

In the 2015 arrest, officials found 7.4 pounds of marijuana, 58 grams of poppies, morphine sulphate, mushrooms, marijuana candies and marijuana oils, according to The webstite also states that "Piland represented himself at trial before a Buncombe County jury in a case that began in October 2015, when a social worker alerted the Buncombe County Anticrime Task Force to a possible marijuana grow operation at his Candler home."

Marijuana use can cause health problems for those that continue smoking or ingesting it long term. There are also short term effects on health, as well. Though some doctors, like former physician Piland, tend to think it's helpful. Below, you'll find a few of the symptoms and issues it can cause. If you need help with addiction, call Legacy Freedom. We offer outpatient drug rehabilitation in Asheville NC.

Short Term Effects

  • Impaired motor function
  • Decreased decision-making ability
  • Reduced memory

Long Term Effects

  • Physical dependence
  • Psychological addiction
  • Permanent decrease in cognitive performance
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Risk for certain cancers

In addition to understanding why drug use is unhealthy and harmful to your well being, it's important to be aware of the drug trafficking and other activity going on in your area. Police are hopeful that with enough awareness, cracking down on these types of crimes is possible. Law enforcement is working hard every day to decrease the amount of drug activity in this area. If you notice any unusual incidences or activity in your neighborhood or local area, be sure to contact law enforcement immediately. They can check things out and hopefully put an end to any drug activity in your area.

Affordable Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in Asheville NC

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Depending on the person, rehabilitation programs are tailored to fit the needs of the addict. This is a great option for many because no two addicts are alike. Anyone can choose to go to a one-size-fits-all drug rehab that requires you to stay 24/7 at the facility. However, those that want to succeed should consider holistic, outpatient therapy like Legacy Freedom offers.

Legacy Freedom isn’t like any other type of drug rehab your loved one will experience. We offer the following to those struggling with drug or alcohol use so that they can learn what life without drugs and alcohol will be like:

  • adventure therapy
  • comprehensive onboarding and evaluation
  • drug testing
  • dual diagnosis
  • family therapy
  • group therapy
  • individual counseling focused on the individual’s needs
  • life skills
  • parental support and assistance

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