Kitchen Addictions: Hidden Struggles in the Food Service Industry

 Drug Rehab in WilmingtonWith the hustle and bustle of today’s society and the way that people are constantly on the go, it’s no surprise that going out to eat is more popular than eating at home simply out of convenience. With such a demand for this service, there is a demand for service industry workers. But did you know there is a dark side to the service industry?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released data that suggests 17 percent of restaurant workers use drugs and/or alcohol. Keep reading to learn more. If you are looking for affordable drug rehab in Wilmington NC for 2017, call Legacy Freedom. We can help with outpatient treatment programs.

Addiction Problems In The Food Service Industry

Marijuana is most commonly used in the hospitality industry—mostly among chefs and kitchen staff. Amphetamine and cocaine use is more common among the front of house staff like waiters and hostesses. There are a few specific reasons the restaurant industry draws a certain crowd. There are also signs to look for if you’re worried about a coworker that might be using drugs or alcohol and what you can do about it.

Money is a necessity when it comes to drugs or alcohol. For a serious addict, waiting weeks between paychecks might not be an option but many positions in the restaurant industry offer regular cash in the form of tips. Besides the allure of regular cash, service industry jobs are tough. From the stress servers put on themselves to do well, to the stress from customers and management, turning to drugs or alcohol to cope might seem like the only thing that will help.

Imagine it’s the dinner rush and you’re a waiter in a packed restaurant. One of your coworkers has already called out sick so you have more work on your shoulders to handle. Five of your eight tables all need things for their meal, like extra napkins or a side of ketchup. Suddenly you realize you never brought one table their refills, and one table has a complaint about the way their food was cooked and wants it all remade at a discount.

Now, suddenly, the kitchen staff is irritated at you for not writing down the order correctly and your manager is angry because the restaurant will be losing profit. While all of this is going on, you still have to remain cheerful, smiling and pleasant or you won’t get a tip. This amount of stress day after day begins to wear on you. Drinking might begin to seem like the only way to unwind. Unfortunately, with daily drinking comes daily hangovers but the same necessity to be pleasant in order to make money and this is where the cocaine and amphetamines come in. It is a vicious cycle that is best to avoid at all costs.

If you’re feeling stressed out because of your job, don’t turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. Call Legacy Treatment Center today and we will help you find a therapy plan that will work for you. Legacy offers outpatient treatment plans so you can continue to work while using the skills you learn. Call us today to learn more about our options for drug rehab in Wilmington.

Besides the overall health risks of daily drinking and drug use, being under the influence while at work immediately makes the work environment unsafe. Drugs and alcohol can cause delayed reactions in an emergency, which could be potentially dangerous when dealing with food allergies, or in a choking situation. Being under the influence at work also means your decision-making will be cloudy and your judgment will be foggy. There are some physical and work related signs to look out for if you’re worried that a coworker might be struggling with substance abuse. If your friend needs drug rehab in Wilmington, call Legacy Freedom. We can help.

• Bloodshot eyes or dark bags under their eyes
• Sudden weight loss or gain
• Shaking, tremors, or unsteady on their feet
• An odor of alcohol
• A change from a normally happy demeanor to aggressive, angry, hostile, or depressed
• A lack of concern about their personal hygiene and appearance
• Erratic behaviors such as high energy and constant chatter without really getting any work done

Drug Rehab in WilmingtonThose listed are some of the physical signs to look for if you believe a coworker is using drugs or alcohol. There are also some signs related to their work and work ethic that may also indicate a coworker is a substance abuser.

• Missing 10 work days for every one missed by other employees
• Tardiness or constantly having to leave early
• Taking longer breaks than allowed and coming back from break in a completely different mood
• Frequently hurting themselves or having frequent accidents on the job
• Overreaction to constructive criticism of their work
• An unwillingness to get to know coworkers
• An unwillingness to talk about personal life
• Producing inconsistent work while on the job.

If you are concerned about a coworker, there are many steps you can take to offer support. If you know your coworker well, you should voice your concern to them in a gentle, nonjudgmental way. If you don't feel comfortable speaking to your coworker directly, you should inform your manager of your concerns in a discreet manner.

While you probably don't want to get your coworker in trouble, it is important that you work in a safe environment and as soon as drugs and alcohol cross into work, it is no longer safe. As well as maintaining a safe work environment, your manager may be aware of programs and assistance offered through the company to help your coworker. You never know when speaking up might save someone’s life. Perhaps your coworker has begun to notice a pattern of their addiction and you mentioning it may be a push in the right direction for them. Be sure to tell them about our affordable drug rehab in Wilmington. Call Legacy for more information.

The service and kitchen industry is always in need of employees, making those jobs in demand, yet service workers often get mistreated by their customers to the point that they feel as though they need to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. With their unusual hours employees' social lives usually revolve around their work schedules. Since alcohol is likely served at their place of employment, it’s understandable how easy it would be to get lost in the dark side of the kitchen industry. However, there are steps that can be taken if you find yourself or a friend over indulging in alcohol or using drugs. It's important to know what to look for and where to turn for help.

Drug Rehab in Wilmington NC For 2017 | Legacy Freedom

If you suspect that a loved one is using drugs, call us today to talk to an admissions counselor about our 2017 treatment options. We are here to give you the support you need to get them help. Our personalized treatment plans mean that we will be able to find a solution that works for them. Because we offer outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Wilmington NC, he or she can continue to go to school or work while getting help. Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor.

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