Food, Decor, and Entertainment for Your Sober Grad Night Celebration

Asheville Alcohol Rehab CenterHigh school graduation night is one to remember for a lifetime. For those graduating, it's exciting, rewarding and also a transitional period. Grad night calls for a celebration!

Unfortunately, many high school graduates use this night as a time for partying, drinking alcohol, using drugs and taking things too far. However, there are ways to celebrate in a sober way that does not call for drugs or alcohol. Besides, who says you need these things to have fun anyway? If your son or daughter needs an Asheville alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility, call Legacy. We have age appropriate programs that work. Call now.

One of the best ways to make sure your high school graduate and their friends have a great grad night that is free of drugs or alcohol is to throw them their own party. Gather a group of sober friends together and plan their night from beginning to end! Work with your son or daughter to have the best food, entertainment and decor. It might take a little time but, in the end, you'll be able to offer your teen and their friends a great way to celebrate graduation without the worry of drugs or alcohol being involved.

The first step in planning the night is to choose where you're going to have the party. You can use someone's home, a clubhouse or other place that will accommodate a group of teenagers.

Next, consider food options. Start a food committee that will help pull together the menu. Talk about a budget and work with volunteers to make sure you have enough people to help prepare food and help serve it.

Some easy options for menu items will be pizza, subs, finger foods or hamburgers. It's possible the graduates will want to eat the entire night so instead of having one big meal, consider having several things at various times. Start with chips and dip, move on to a salad course and then have an entrée of pizza, subs or hamburgers. Also be sure to have more appetizer items available throughout the evening. Snacks are going to be great. Also, be sure to have several types of desserts. Small, easy to grab foods will go over well.

To make things a little more exciting, have adult volunteers walk around with trays of finger foods and drinks. Make sure to have an assortment of sparkling cider, punch, tea, soft drinks and water. You can also offer specialty drinks like cappuccinos, lattes and mocktails.

Be sure to offer sugar free, gluten-free and other dietary restrictive items so that everyone will have something they can eat and drink. It's important to make a list of dietary restrictions before planning the menu.

If you are having a party that allows guest to spend the night, be sure to consider breakfast in the morning. Having coffee, juice and pastry items are easy and quick.

If you're worried about how many people are coming and how much food to have, use the following information. This is based on having 100 guests. This number can be easily halved or multiplied to ensure you have enough for everyone.

Per 100 guests, consider offering the following:

  • 20 large pizzas
  • 6 large sub sandwiches
  • 100 hamburgers and or hotdogs
  • 15 dozen cookies or brownies
  • 5 dozen donuts
  • 5 large fruit trays
  • 10 to 15 bags of potato chips
  • 2 to 3 large cans of chip dip
  • 5 pounds of coffee
  • 5 gallons of milk
  • 400 paper cups
  • 200 paper plates
  • 300 to 400 cans of soda

Asheville Alcohol Rehab CenterWhile this might seem like a large quantity of food and drinks, you want to ensure that you have enough for everyone. Remember, these numbers are based on 100 guests. If you only plan to have 50, you can reduce each of the items by half. If you're planning to have more, multiply the number.

Once you have the food and drink situation planned, it's onto planning entertainment and games. This is going to be the fun part of the night. It can make or break the memories each grad has. Depending on what type of entertainment your teen would like to see, you may consider hiring a band, DJ or just compiling a large playlist on their iPod of favorite music. If it's in the budget, you might consider hiring a celebrity or other type of entertainer that is well known to all the kids.

If the graduating students would like to dance the night away, consider offering a dance floor complete with smoke or fog machines, DJ and fun dance competition.

Other ideas for entertainment might be karaoke, making your own music video, a magician, comedian or featuring a hypnotist. These are all fun and exciting and will lighten the mood.

There are several interactive games you can enjoy, as well. Consider having a casino night or other fun theme that you can use to incorporate decor and games. You can also have athletic games like ping pong, volleyball, frisbee throw, bowling, billiards or basketball. Also consider having a contest like limbo, pie eating, hula, trivia, bingo and more.

Once you've planned all of the entertainment and games, it's time to move on to decorations. This is the part that will be most exciting. While you could cut down on the decorations, it will be much more memorable to have a theme with tons of decor. Like we mentioned above, having a casino night would be fun. You could also consider having a Hawaiian theme or luau, dress up party, color coordinated event or other theme that each guest can participate in. This will also help you with planning the food and entertainment.

Giving your graduate a night of fun and entertainment with their friends without the worry of alcohol or drugs can be one of the most memorable and appreciated gifts you could ever give them. We hope this information helps you plan the best party for your teen.

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