Local Man Uses Fitness to Curb Alcohol abuse

alcohol rehab in greensboro NCIt's no secret that working out and regular exercise is key in overall health and well-being. It's also helpful when it comes to recovery and sticking with an alcohol or drug-free lifestyle.

Greensboro North Carolina native Tim Dumont found that this held true for him. Let's learn more about his story. If you have a loved who has a substance abuse or drinking problem, call Legacy. We offer the best drug and alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC.

How Tim Used Fitness to Beat Alcohol abuse

Several years ago he and his wife went through a few tragic events. Because of that, they turned to alcohol to help them cope and deal with the situations. During that time he became a severe alcoholic.

He found himself drinking heavily every single day. Eventually, it affected his marriage and relationships with friends, family and even his children. Fortunately, Tim's wife helped him by enrolling him in a nearby fitness club. In order to make his 5 AM class he needed to wake up at 3:30 AM every morning.

According to Tim, agreeing to go to this fitness club was life-changing. Not only did it help him gain sobriety, but it also helped him get into shape and lose weight. In addition to running, strength training and rowing, he also does 60 minutes of high-intensity fat burning classes.

"It has catapulted my life into sobriety, it's been the catalyst of my sobriety,” Tim said. “I'm here at 5 in the morning, I get up at 3:30 every morning to get here and get stuff ready. You can't be up drinking every night if you plan on being here. Since I've started coming here I've lost 28 pounds."

"It has transformed my life, transformed my marriage, my relationship with my children. I've learned to smile again and I haven't smiled in two years and brought hope back into my life."

He has not only found sobriety, but also transformed his relationships with his loved ones. His hope was restored and he is now living a healthy happy life, without alcohol.

Exercise is a great way to get healthy. It also offers recovering addicts something to look forward to and allows them to get into a healthy routine. Being in good shape is a great way to stay ready for the long journey of recovery.

Alcohol cravings can be consuming during the beginning stages of recovery. That is why having a hobby or something that you can rely on to help you get through the cravings is key. Exercise is something that you can do every day. It will keep you busy, take your mind off things, offer a way to relax and blow off steam. It's also extremely healthy when done properly.

Those who worry about coping with cravings and relapse during recovery should consider developing a workout routine that works best for them. It's a great way to stick to sobriety without compromising health. If you want to learn more about how our affordable drug and alcohol rehab can help your family, please keep reading.

Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Greensboro NC Starts with Legacy Freedom

Addiction problems do not get easier to deal with over time. It's the type of issue that consumes your life before anyone realizes it's happening. It's important to get help as soon as possible. Life without excessive drinking is obtainable with help from Legacy Freedom of Greensboro. Whether it's you or someone you love, consider the help that can come from outpatient, customized therapy like the type that Legacy Freedom offers. Call us today to learn more about our quality alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC.

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