Here’s What You Do the first Week Out of Rehab!

Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment centerIt's your first week out of rehab! Congrats, you've moved on from our Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment center! You're finally sober and ready to live life without addiction getting in the way. Living in recovery is a big change. It can be difficult and frustrating at times but remembering how far you've come and how happy and healthy you are without drugs or alcohol is motivation enough to continue.

You might be wondering what you should do once you get back home and into a routine. Below, you'll find several tips that will help you find your way after rehab.

Things To Do The First Week Out Of Rehab

Join a group. Having a support group to rely on when things get tough is essential. Without people who understand what you're going through you may never be able to resist during a mental relapse. A support group understands what you're going through, knows what it's like to recover and also knows what it's like to feel weak. Rely on these people. Find a strong group the minute you leave rehab, if not before.

Make new friends. It's possible that those you spent your time with before rehab were the ones influencing you to drink or use drugs. Even if they didn't pressure you into using they may have done so socially while you were around. These people are triggers that can cause a relapse. Make sober friends that know you cannot be in the same vicinity as drugs or alcohol.

Consider aftercare therapy. As we've said before, addiction is a chronic disease that will not go away easily. Even if you've been through extensive rehab and are recovering, consider continuing treatment. Aftercare is a great way to do that. Contact Legacy Freedom to learn more if you're not familiar with this program.

Find new hobbies. You'll need to occupy your free time in a different way now. After school or work, you should consider learning new skills or hobbies. Think of what interests you. Go with it and be open minded. You'll be surprised at how excited you are to learn something new during this time.

Get a new job. It's possible you lost your job due to addiction. Or, you may feel like in order to move on, you need to get a new career. That should be one of your first steps. Even if it might feel like it's too soon, getting back into the routine of work is a great way to continue with recovery.

Spend time with family. Unless your family is a partial reason for your addiction, learn to spend time with them again. Quality time with loved ones is a great therapy all on its own.

Recovery isn't easy at any stage during a sober life. It's especially difficult in the beginning stages. But, you can conquer your first sober week out of rehab with ease as long as you consider the tips above. Good luck on your journey and remember, we are here to help whenever you need it.

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