Finding Mental Health Care in a New City

Charlotte mental health servicesMaybe you've moved across the state or the country. From packing to loading and unloading the moving van, juggling utilities and remembering where you packed the coffee pot, there are lots of stresses and anxieties that creep up during this time of transition. Ensuring that your utilities will be turned on in your new home is important, so is ensuring that you have a plan for taking care of your mental health needs in your new town.

Many people make the mistake of getting so caught up in starting their new job, unpacking, and making new friends that selecting a new therapist or making time to see a therapist gets pushed aside. This can be particularly dangerous if you know that mental health care is something that you rely on. Skipping care because you are too busy or don't feel like you can take time off from a new job is risky. Planning for your mental health care and taking time to establish a connection with a new therapist before your move is key.

Legacy Freedom of Charlotte knows the value of having a care team you can trust for your mental health. Our holistic apporach to mental health care allows you to create a customized treatment plan with your specific needs, goals and interests in mind. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, schizoeffective disorder or have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, bipolar or any other mental illness, we can help. By combining traditional talk and group therapy with alternative therapies like adventure therapy, equine therapy, yoga and more we create a plan of care that is designed around you and your mental health needs.

Knowing where to begin on your search for a new therapist can be overwhelming. Here are our therapists' best tips for selecting a care provider in your new city:

Check with your insurance provider - While your insurance provider won't have any personal recommendations, they can give you a list of providers in the area who take your insurance. This is a great place to start. Once you have this list, ask people you know who live in your new area or research reviews of therapists online to see who might be a good fit for you.

Call around - Once you have narrowed down the providers who may be of interest to you, call and schedule an initial appointment. Don't set these appointments for your first week in town, that will only add to the stress of your move. Give yourself a few weeks to settle in before going to see these potential therapists.

Ask questions - During your initial appointment it is important to ask questions that matter to you about how your therapist likes to work. Will they want to contact your previous therapist for a chat about your care, or will getting your chart be enough? Ask about getting emergency appointments. A new city can be overwhelming and stressful, so ensure that your new provider will be able to fit you in quickly should something come up. Most importantly, do you feel like you can build a good report with this person? Do they seem trustworthy? Do you feel comfortable in their office? These are all great things to ask your potential therapist and yourself during your initial visit.

Establishing new mental health care in your new location is key when it comes to planning for a successful start. As easy as it is to brush this task aside, make it a priority for yourself. If you are relocating to the Charlotte area, Legacy Freedom welcomes you to visit our facility and meet our staff. We'd love to show you what makes mental health at Legacy Freedom different.

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Your mental health and well-being are important to so many. That's why our team of intake counselors, therapists and clinicians are ready to help you make the changes in your life that will allow you to have the stability and clarity that you desire.

The path to healing and managing your mental healthcare begins with making the decision to get treatment. We are ready and waiting to help you begin to live your best life. Give Legacy Freedom a call today to learn more about our Charlotte mental health services.

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