More Great Father’s Day Gifts For Sober Dads

Drug Rehab in Columbus OHWelcome back to our next post on great Father's Day gifts for sober dads. If you missed our last blog, click here to go back and read it. We talked about non-tangible Father's Day gifts like love, support, and forgiveness. In today's post, the pros from our center for drug rehab in Columbus OH are going to list out a few of our favorite outdoorsy gifts. Keep reading to learn more.

Cool Outdoor Sporting Gear Gifts

Get your dad some cool outdoor sporting gear this year's Father's Day celebration. These gifts are designed to keep him out of the house and having fun. These are also healthy alternative gift ideas that will promote long-term sobriety.

Stand Up Paddle Board

We really like the stand up paddle board idea, especially since there's lots of places around Columbus where you can launch them. Paddle boarding is also fairly new around here compared to coastal cities, which makes the experience even more cool and fun to try. It's also a great idea for adventure therapy for recovering addicts. If you'd like to rent a SUP instead of buying one, check out SUP Columbus.

Fishing Equipment and Trip

Get your dad a new rod and reel and tackle box stuffed with bait for Father's Day. Columbus is a great area to go fishing, so plan a few weekend trips where you and him can spend some quality time together. Here's a link to the best spots for June bass fishing in the Columbus area.

Hiking Boots Or Camping Gear

Does your dad like to go for long hikes in the woods? Does he enjoy heading out for the weekend to go camping? New hiking boots or camping gear always makes for great gifts for the outdoorsy dads out there. For hiking boots, all you need to really know is his size. If you're going for new camping gear, check out some of the latest camping tech or ask him if there's something he wants to replace.


Hammocks also make for an awesome Father's Day gift. You're inviting dad to spend some time relaxing outside under a shade tree, or by the lake, or anywhere he wants to hang his hammock.

Want some more ideas? Then visit with our next post! We'll be giving you even more great ideas for Father's Day! If you are looking for more information about addiction treatment, or would like to learn more about how your family can get help with substance abuse problems, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help!

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