The Most Famous Cocaine and Heroin Addicts

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Asheville NCCocaine is a drug that until 1914 was legal in the United States. Considering the trouble it has caused many individuals in the past several decades, it's hard to believe that it was ever legal to use. Derived from a coca plant, this drug is a stimulant. When used recreationally, it can cause serious issues. Our substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC deal with cocaine abuse every day. Users, in the beginning, feel alert and euphoric. However, there's a high risk of overdose with this drug because of the short half-life it has.

Throughout history, cocaine has been used in various medications that even a former pope used. Unfortunately, recreational use of cocaine can cause death at an alarmingly high rate. Below, you will find famous people you might recognize who have used cocaine. Sadly, some of these instances ended in overdose and death. Thankfully, there are several celebrities who have overcome and learned from their addiction to cocaine. We hope their success stories with rehab and treatment influence you to get help you may need for yourself or someone you know.

Below, you will find a few tragedies that have come from cocaine addiction. While help is available, it's important that you understand that you must first take initiative in seeking treatment. Without treatment, further problems and possible death are inevitable. If you're tired of searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC, make the call to Legacy Freedom. We can help you.

  • John Belushi was one of Hollywood's legendary funny guys. He was in many movies we all cherish, even now. His early, untimely death at the age of 33 was related to the use of cocaine. He often partied hard and played a game that had him racing with a friend to see who could snort the most cocaine before reaching the middle of the line. This cocaine abuse ultimately led to his death.
  • Struggling with tuberculosis and writing novels like The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,The Merry Men and Prince Otto, Robert Louis Stevenson used cocaine to help him work. Of course, the drug was legal during that time. However, at age 44, Stevenson died from what was thought to be an intracerebral hemorrhage. Though there are many causes of this condition, cocaine can cause this issue.
  • Known for her amazing voice and beauty, Whitney Houston had a serious cocaine addiction throughout most of her career. Her cause of death at age 48 was heart disease caused by chronic cocaine use.
  • Everyone knows that rock 'n' roll musicians tend to have a drug problem. Many people can learn a lot from their past experiences with drugs. Ike Turner is no different. After a lifelong struggle with drugs and time spent in prison for drug related offenses, Turner died from a cocaine overdose in 2008.

Here, you will find celebrities that fought their addiction with drug treatment and overcame it.

  • We all know and love Tim Allen. He is a hilarious comedian turned Hollywood star. Knowing him as he is now, it's hard to believe that he had a debilitating cocaine addiction that almost cost him his career. Thankfully, he was able to fully recover and hasn't looked back since.
  • After spending time at a drug rehabilitation facility, model Kate Moss was able to overcome her cocaine addiction. After the world saw photos of her using the drug online and in magazines, she was able to recognize just how bad her problem was.
  • Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood's most beautiful and talented women. Unfortunately, she was an avid cocaine user in her early 20's. Thankfully, Jolie was able to recover from substance abuse and has continued through recovery.
  • Rock 'n' roller Steven Tyler hasn't always been as clean and confident in his recovery as he is now. For most of his career, he used cocaine chronically. Several years ago, Tyler admitted that he had "snorted half of Peru" during the course of his career, spending millions of dollars on the drug.
  • Robert Downey Junior has been arrested multiple times throughout the years for drug-related charges. After spending countless stints in rehab, things finally started to fall into place in 2002. He was able to fully recover and is now continuing his career in Hollywood without setbacks related to cocaine.
  • In the late 80's, Stephen King was able to overcome a cocaine addiction. He struggled with substance abuse early on in his career. However, since overcoming addiction, he has gone on to write some of his most noted works, including The Green Mile and Hearts in Atlantis.

substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NCAddiction comes in all shapes and sizes. The person you would least expect can find themselves in the throes of a substance abuse problem before they ever really notice it is an issue. You hear of the many sad cases of addiction that involve deaths from overdose or other serious health complications. There are, however, just as many stories that involve success. Overcoming addiction is possible for everyone.

Substance abuse doesn't have to end in a sad story. There are ways to fight it and find recovery. If you're worried about yourself, or someone you know, please contact Legacy Freedom to learn more about our alternative therapy programs that are guaranteed to work.

Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Asheville NC

Addiction and substance abuse problems do not get easier to deal with over time. It's a problem that can consume your life before anyone realizes it's happening. It's important to get help as soon as possible. Life without substance abuse is possible. Whether it's you, or someone you love, consider the help that can come from outpatient, customized therapy like the type that Legacy Freedom of Asheville offers. Call us today to learn more about why we're one of the best substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC.

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