Family Programs for Substance Abuse

family programs for substance abuseAt Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers, we believe family involvement is a critical part of the recovery process and substance abuse treatment. Research has shown that treatment programs that involve family members reduce the risk of relapse.  Additionally, family members have been through a lot of confusion and heartache and they need support, too! Accordingly, we offer once-a-month Family Night where clients and, any and all, family members are invited to join for a process group session. We're reinventing family programs for substance abuse through holistic methods and purposeful counseling.

On Family Night, sessions are full group sessions and can run 2.5 – 3 hours. We provide the pizza – you bring your courage, love and questions.

We also offer twice-monthly Family-Only sessions where family members can learn how to support themselves and their loved ones while attending treatment. These sessions are educational and provide a safe place to process feelings and thoughts. These sessions are shorter running approximately 90 minutes.

Our Family Program

ŸWhat should I know about to help my addicted loved one?
Group Topic:  Addiction 101 - The Basics

ŸWhat is my loved one doing in treatment? Are they working hard?
Group Topic:  Legacy Freedom Treatment Curriculum

ŸHow do I care for myself while my loved one is in treatment? 
Group Topic: Self-Care and Codependence

ŸHow do I best support my loved one while they're in treatment?
Group Topic: Recommendations, ideas and family member success stories

How do I support them after treatment?
Group Topic: Transitioning to “Living Legacy” (once a week aftercare group)

Clients and family members can also meet privately with the therapist to help resolve issues that might have evolved during the addiction process, that can create stress for the client and family, and can lead to relapse. Family participation is valuable in the substance abuse treatment process in many ways:

  • Family involvement encourages the Client / addict to continue with their substance abuse treatment knowing family members are invested too
  • Family members learn how the entire family has been affected by addiction
  • Family members learn the same addiction information their family members learn
  • Family members can increase helpful behavior and decrease unhelpful behaviors
  • Family members can learn the warning signs of relapse, the importance of relapse prevention planning, how the family can be involved and how to deal with an actual relapse.
  • Family members and the Client can do healing work together under the guidance of licensed professionals
  • Therapists gain input from the family and can observe family dynamics.

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