Fun And Sober Things To Do In The Fall

alcohol rehab in Columbus OHHaving a fun and sober fall is not hard with the help from the experts at Legacy Freedom. We're one of the top rated centers for drug treatment and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH. So welcome back to our next installment on activities that you, and your sober friends and family, can enjoy over the next few months.

If you're just now joining us, we recommend that you go back and read the previous posts in this series. They're linked at the bottom of the page. These topics contain loads of helpful ideas that will be sure to fill up your activity calendar.

Below you'll find a few more activities that we think are great for enjoying the cooler temperatures and changing of the seasons. If substance abuse problems are ruining your life, call Legacy Freedom. We offer the best drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH. We are an outpatient facility that uses only holistic therapy programs.

Need Fun And Sober Things To Do This Fall?

Go For A Nice Walk Each Day

If you really want to get outside and enjoy the changing of the leaves, we suggest that you take a nice walk in nature, each day if possible. Find a few really good nature trails and explore them. Take in the sights and the smells. Observe how nature is responding to the changing of the seasons. It's a very relaxing activity. Even if you live in the city, there are many nature trails that allow you to get away from it all.

Go On A Long Hike

Walking in the woods seems to be a common theme in today's post. If you want to really see some beautiful fall colors, head to Indian Point Park. For people living in the Columbus, OH area, Indian Point Park is just a few hours drive north. You'll find many hiking trails and breathtaking views.

Go On A Camping Trip

Why not combine hiking with some weekend camping? You'll be able to roast marshmallows and make s'mores (a tip from an earlier post), cook over an open campfire, hike mountain trails, see waterfalls, and so much more.  Shawnee State Park is just a few hours south of Columbus and is perfect for hiking, tent camping, boating, and more.

Being in nature is a helpful tool for recovering addicts. It will help you gain better insight, allow you to clear your mind, get some peace and quiet, and have some fun.

If you need more ideas on how you, and your family and friends, can have fun this fall, be sure to check out the other posts in this series. They contain valuable information on how you can remain sober and have a lot fun during the autumn season.

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse problems, please keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom helps families.

Dependable Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OH

Drug addiction, alcohol abuse and other forms of substance abuse are controlling diseases that can get worse over time. Legacy Freedom Treatment Center knows how important it is to receive effective, comprehensive treatment that is specialized to each individual, and not a group. Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH includes holistic and alternative therapies that are customized to fit your needs. It’s not just a 12-step, or a one-size-fits-all program; it’s about real recovery with real people. Our outpatient methodology also allows your loved ones to be able to be home for the summer, go to work, or attend school!

Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor at our Columbus treatment center and ask them about all the ways that we can help your family get better.

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