Failed Drug Tests Keep OH Jobs Unfilled

Drug Rehab In ColumbusPresident Trump made a campaign promise to bring jobs from overseas. This has proved to be a futile promise in Ohio. Blue-collar jobs are available here according to factory owners. The problem is not related to the skill set of local workers. It is not even a matter of a high school diploma as one is not usually required. The jobs pay $15 to $25 an hour and also offer full benefits. The problem is that nearly half of all the applicants cannot pass a drug test. If you're in need of holistic drug rehab in Columbus, call Legacy Freedom. We can help you!

Companies must give up lucrative orders, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, because they simply do not have the manpower to fill them. Other competitors in countries like Germany have a better pool of labor and can turn the jobs more quickly.

This problem is having a huge economic impact all across the country. Here in Ohio it is being felt hardest. Here we have struggled to overcome many decades of industrialization. The biggest problem is the opioid epidemic. Marijuana is also a big problem. Often it is not the illegal use but prescription opioid abuse. The estimated economic cost is $78.5 billion dollars a year or more. If the cost to businesses was factored in to the overall amount we would certainly see that this is a conservative estimate.

One of the major issues being seen is not just applicants failing drug tests, but a lack of applicants applying to begin with because of the drug testing. In fact the Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet L. Yellen, "linked opioid abuse to declining participation in the labor force among prime-age workers."

Relaxing the policy on drug testing is not a viable option. Insurance and liability costs will not allow companies to do that. Many of the available jobs take lots of energy and focus. Mistakes by workers under the influence can cost lives. Workers must be totally engaged in the work they are doing. This keeps them and their co-workers as safe as possible.

Although the President talks of bringing jobs back to the United States, many company owners say they have jobs available. What they need are sober job applicants. Many say this problem has only become a huge issue over the last 2-4 years. This has created a need for new policies to protect companies from having employees show up to the workplace impaired.

The state of Ohio recently had a new medical marijuana law go into effect. There is currently not an affordable test available for testing employees or potential employees for marijuana use. This is yet another hurdle for employers.

The bottom line is Ohio has jobs available to put people to work. They need good employees that can pass a drug test. Companies remain understaffed and are losing contracts because of this drug problem.

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