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Did you know that October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month? Did you know that Legacy Freedom has a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH? Our friendly staff is here to help you beat your substance abuse addiction. Our substance abuse programs work, you can read our success stories for yourself. Take a look. Today we are going to talk a little about the drug known to teens as salvia. Adults and guardians might not know a lot about this drug so we want to bring some awareness to our readers about salvia and it's effects, so you can be better prepared. Salvia is the common name for salvia divinorum. Salvia is an herb from the mint family. This herb is native to the southern parts of Mexico and is used primarily to produce a hallucinogenic experience for the user.

How Do People Use Salvia?

Users will sometimes chew fresh salvia leaves to ingest their juices, or brew them like a tea. Others will dry the leaves out so they can be smoked in pipes, cigarettes or vaporizers for inhalation.

How Does Salvia Affect the Brain?

The main active ingredient in salvia is a chemical we call Salvinorin A. This chemical acts as a potent activator on certain opioid receptors. These receptors are different than the ones that are effected by drugs like heroin and morphine. Salvia also does not act on serotonin receptors like other hallucinogens, such as LSD and magic mushrooms. Salvia users report that even though all three are hallucinogens, the effects are different from those drugs.

Salvia users report that the drug produces intense yet short-lived hallucinations. These effects appear in less than 1 minute and could last as long as 30 minutes. These include psychedelic visuals, sounds, and mood and body sensations. Some report a highly modified perception of self-awareness and reality.

Is Salvia Illegal?

This depends on where you live. Salvia is not a nationally regulated drug. It is not included in the Controlled Substances Act. However, several states have passed legislation to regulate its use.

Are There Any Adverse Health Effects of Using Salvia?

We really do not know yet. There has not been enough medical testing to really come to a conclusion, one way or the other. Scientists do believe that abusing the drug can have consequences on learning and memory. This has been reported by experimenting on mice with salvia. So far, there is little evidence supporting salvia causing dependence and long-term psychiatric problems in people. We do know that smoking anything can and will damage lung tissue. We suggest avoid smoking salvia for this very reason. Also, the drug produces an intense hallucinogenic experience for the user. This could be deadly, or extremely harmful, in certain locations. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under this drug's influence.

If you are ready to get your life back on track, call Legacy Freedom. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH has a friendly staff that is trained in helping you beat addiction. October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, get the help you deserve. Give us a call.

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