Facebook and Mental Health

Therapists in Greensboro, NCFacebook is a past time that many of us use throughout the day to keep up with friends and family, check out the latest news reports and more. For many people it's a normal part of their daily routine that can often take up more time than they realize. Sometimes, they spend hours looking at photos of other people, considering what their lives might be like and noticing how they look. If you're suffering from a mental illness, call Legacy to speak with our qualified therapists in Greensboro, NC.

In many cases, those who post photos and status updates only show the good in their lives within their social media. Pictures of elaborate vacations, family gatherings and holidays where everyone is happy and excited are most common on Facebook. Rarely do you get a glimpse into a stressful workday, hard times with family members or arguments with friends. Even more rarely does someone post a picture of their bad hair day or a selfie after a grueling workout. We only see the good in everyone on Facebook.

While you can't blame someone for wanting to share the good in their life, it's easy to become judgmental of their photos and activities. You might assume their lives aren't as happy as they seem to be on social media. Sometimes, you take the photos for what they are, view them and move on. However, other times the happy photos and exciting status updates get to you in a more negative way.

You may wake up, scroll through your news feed and become bitter about the fact that someone else is having a great and wonderful life. It's easy to become self-conscious of your own actions, looks and career. You begin to think that your lifestyle isn't good enough. In addition, feeling unattractive becomes a serious problem. Eventually, low self-esteem and feeling anxious over inadequacy begins to take over.

At this point, each time you take a look at Facebook, you will begin to feel more and more negative. Rarely, will there be a positive impact by viewing photos and status updates from others.

In addition to low self-esteem and anxiety, Facebook can also amplify other mental health disorders like narcissism. Just as there are those few that have trouble with Facebook lowering their self-esteem, some people end up with higher self-esteem, knowing they can continuously make their lives look exciting and fun, all while having friends see their updates, photos and information.

This is a whole different type of mental health issue that can be just as dangerous as low self-esteem. For example, using Facebook to make life look grand, unbelievably happy and exciting can lead to manipulation and deceit in real life, as well. Those that make it a priority to try and impress others or make them feel jealous of their wonderful life tend to have trouble separating their make-believe life from reality. This can spill over into home life, careers and more. It's as dangerous as the low self-esteem aspect of using Facebook that can cause anxiety, depression and other types of fear and inadequacy.

If you're interested in learning more about Facebook, mental health and how it can affect our overall well-being, be sure to visit back with us soon. Our next blog will feature more information.

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