Explaining Addiction to a Non-Addicted Person

Raleigh rehabTrying to explain addiction to someone who is not an addict or who has never been addicted to something is difficult. Many people will never understand the reasons behind using drugs or alcohol to excess or how someone could continue to use time and time again regardless of the consequences. A number of powerful emotions surround addiction including guilt, fear, depression, and anxiety. Addiction is confusing for both the addict and their loved ones. However, approaching addiction as a process can make it easier to comprehend. If you need Raleigh rehab for a drug or alcohol problem, consider Legacy Freedom of Raleigh.

Becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol happens in four stages. In each of these stages, the addiction progresses making it more difficult for the person to stop using their drug of choice. Addiction impacts all ages, races, income levels, and education levels. It is as easy for a CEO to become addicted as it is for a homeless person. The four stages of addiction are:

  1. Experimentation - While this stage may not seem threatening, in the beginning when someone tries a drug for the first time or begins to drink to excess they are more likely to overdose. Their lack of experience makes them vulnerable.
  2. Regular Social Use - Using drugs or drinking has become the new normal. The person has not yet developed an immunity to the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol yet, which can lead to the even heavier use of their drug of choice.
  3. Problem Use - When the addiction evolves to the point that the addict is using during inappropriate times, like at work or school, this is the phase where negative consequences arise. These consequences include legal issues, the loss of employment, suspension from school, and frequent overdoses.
  4. Complete Chemical Dependency - The body has become so accustomed to having the drug or a high level of alcohol that the addict will experience symptoms of withdrawal when they stop using. Daily functioning without their substance of choice is difficult.

The spiral into addiction can be quite rapid for some. Depending on the drug, it can be as little as a few weeks before someone becomes fully chemically dependent. No matter what stage your loved one is in, accepting that someone you know is an addict and needs treatment for their addiction is often difficult. Many people struggle to understand why their brother/sister/son/daughter/mother/father is addicted. While there is no single answer to this question, there are a number of factors that can contribute to the development of an addiction. If you're suffering from addiction, get the best Raleigh rehab at Legacy Freedom.

  • Untreated Mental Health Conditions - People who struggle with untreated mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or bipolar disorder often turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to self-medicate. The reality is that using alcohol or drugs to excess with these conditions actually makes them worse and creates a vicious cycle that traps many people without them realizing it.
  • Life-changing Events - Everyone reacts to and accepts the adversity in their life differently. The loss of a job or a loved one, a traumatic experience, divorce, assault, rape, or eviction are all life-altering circumstances that can leave people feeling lost, alone, and unable to cope. It is important to get people who are experiencing these events coping help so that they don't attempt to numb the pain or escape the issue through the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Family History - A history of drug or alcohol abuse in the family makes it more likely that a person will be involved with addiction themselves. Research has linked familial addiction to genetic factors. When combined with an untreated mental health condition or a life-changing event, the likelihood of an addiction forming is high.
  • Environmental Influence - They say you become most like the four people you spend the most time with. Choosing to surround yourself with those who use drugs or alcohol to excess increases the chances of developing a substance abuse problem. Like an untreated mental illness or experiencing a traumatic event, environmental influences combined with a genetic predisposition to addiction can be the catalyst for developing a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

For someone who is not an addict, understanding addiction can be confusing. Addicts often cannot explain why they use and some struggle to pinpoint how their initial use of drugs or alcohol got so out of hand. What both parties need to understand is that acknowledging that there is a substance abuse problem is the first step towards making a plan for recovery. In the early stages of recognizing the addiction and asking for help, the addict needs to feel supported and encouraged by those around them. While it is natural for family members, friends, and loved ones to seek the answers about why they became an addict, now is not the time to focus on those questions. Getting to the root of the addiction will come later through Raleigh rehab and self-discovery. Until that time comes, the addict relies on their support system to help them feel comfortable asking for help, assisting them with beginning treatment, and helping them through the withdrawal process.

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At Legacy Freedom, we know that addiction is complicated. Understanding the root of your addiction is the beginning of unraveling the grip that drugs or alcohol have on your life. Together with your therapist, you will discover what makes you feel the need to escape into drugs or alcohol to cope and learn new, healthy ways to overcome those negative thoughts and feelings. By combining alternative treatment methods with traditional one on one and group therapy, we offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment that has proven successful for thousands of clients. Each client works closely with a Life-Purpose coach and their care team to create a treatment plan that is designed with their individual goals and interests in mind.

Getting started with treatment for your substance addiction is easy. Call or click to connect with our care team and begin your healing journey with holistic Raleigh rehab from Legacy Freedom today!


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