What Is Equestrian Therapy in Charlotte, NC?

Equestrian Therapy in Charlotte, NCAt Legacy Freedom, we offer more than ten different alternative therapies for our patients and therapists to choose from. Our approach to mental health is based on holistic health which allows us to treat the whole person, not just their mental illness. By utilizing therapies that address the physical, mental and emotional needs of our clients we can provide better outcomes and complete care. Through traditional talk therapy, our clients meet one-on-one with their therapist or in groups with other clients or family and friends. Involving family and friends in our client's care is essential for creating a supportive network outside of the therapeutic environment. Dieticians and physical therapists are utilized to help address the physical side effects of mental illness and help patients heal from the inside out with proper nutrition and physical activity.

Our alternative therapy offerings allow you and your care team to choose treatments based on your needs and your interests. For many clients, trying something new or approaching their mental illness in this holistic way can break down barriers and open up new possibilities. Whether you choose yoga, sound therapy, tai chi or acupuncture, your care team will help you try and find the right mix of alternative therapies for you. One of our most relied on therapies for our clients who struggle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, anger issues and eating disorders is equestrian therapy in Charlotte, NC.

Clients who choose EAP don't need to have any experience riding a horse, as a matter of fact, you may never ride the horse at all during your course of treatment. EAP is focused on the care of and interaction with the horse. Providing care for and interacting with the horse in a therapeutic environment allows some people to relax more and open up. This comfortable environment allows for more effective healing and treatment and can provide many benefits like:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased impulse control
  • Greater emotional awareness
  • Higher levels of empathy
  • Decrease in assertiveness
  • Improved self-worth
  • Stronger interpersonal relationships
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Independence
  • Improved ability to trust
  • Set healthy limits and boundaries
  • Decrease isolation tendencies
  • Improve communication
  • Empowerment

Engaging with the horse during EAP will allow the client and the therapist to receive immediate emotional feedback. Horses mirror the emotions and the attitudes of those who work with them and are used as a tool to help both therapist and client understand underlying emotions which impact mental health and well-being. Caring for and working with the animal allows many clients to confront these underlying issues and learn to turn their focus to external caring and kind thoughts. They may also see great improvements in their ability to maintain relationships with others and act in an empathetic and healthy way.

Affordable Equestrian Therapy in Charlotte, NC | Legacy Freedom

Ready to learn more about the variety of non-traditional therapies offered by Legacy Freedom of Charlotte? We invite you to browse our blog and find out more about our holistic approach to mental health. Whether your diagnosis is new or you have struggled with depression, PTSD, anxiety, or an eating disorder for years, we can help. Our highly trained staff specializes in identifying and treating the underlying or co-occurring illnesses which are making it difficult for you to live a full and prosperous life.

Stop allowing your mental illness to control your life and take back control with Legacy Freedom. Call or click to connect and begin your healing journey today!

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