What You Need to Know About Emotions

Charlotte Mental IllnessDid you know that contrary to popular belief, being in touch with your emotions isn't a sign of weakness? In fact, being in touch with your emotions and understanding your feelings can actually make you a happier and less anxious person. Here are the top ten things you need to know about healthily working with your emotions. Do you need Charlotte mental illness help? Call Legacy Freedom of Charlotte today.

1. Pay Attention to Emotions That You Feel Often
Experiencing the same emotion time and time again can be a signal that something isn't right and that you need to address it. Understand why you are feeling sad or angry and look for ways to work through these emotions.

2. Emotions Aren't Permanent
Feeling your emotions and letting them go is natural. Emotions don't stick around so feel them, acknowledge them, and let them go.

3. Embrace Your Emotions
Whether you like them or not, your emotions help make your life more colorful and complete. Your emotions communicate your personality and make you who you are.

4. Your Behaviors Are Influenced by Your Emotions
Not only do your emotions influence your actions but they also impact the decisions you make.

5. You Are Susceptible to Other People's Emotions
Your emotions can mirror the feelings of the people around you. If someone is sad, angry, or happy, you may find your mood shifting to match theirs whether you want it to or not.

6. You Control Your Emotions, They Don't Control You
While emotions can influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you have the final say in how you feel and what you do.

7. It Is Unhealthy to Suppress Your Emotions
Not being able to feel and address your feelings can leave you feeling numb or depressed. Failing to communicate the feelings you are experiencing to those who are close to you doesn't give them the opportunity to be supportive when you need it or make you feel like you have a support system available to you.

8. Every Emotion Is Useful
When used in the right context, your emotions are powerful tools that can keep you away from danger, help you mourn, or give you a sense of peace and well-being.

9. Good or Bad Emotions
There is no such thing as a good or bad emotion. Some people view sadness as a sign of weakness, and think that it is a bad trait. However, sadness is your way of getting the help and support you need when times are tough.

10. Emotions Aren't Clear Cut
Your memories can have more than one emotion tied to them. A memory of a childhood birthday party can be both happy, because it was your birthday, and sad because you didn't get the toy you really wanted.

Charlotte Mental Illness Treatment

If you or someone you love struggles with Charlotte mental illness, Legacy Freedom can help. Thousands of clients have learned to take control of their thoughts and feelings and transition the negative ones into positive coping methods. Getting started with quality, confidential mental health care is easy. Call or click to connect with our care team today.


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