Embarrassing Anxiety Fears

Holistic Anxiety Treatment in Charlotte NCWhen you live with anxiety, everyday social interactions and situations can leave you feeling unsettled, self-conscious, and like you are always under scrutiny. Millions of people around the world suffer from anxiety and struggle to live with this debilitating and often embarrassing mental illness. Anxiety has such a hold on the lives of those who live with it that it impacts nearly every aspect of daily life. Frequently those who struggle with anxiety are too ashamed to admit that they struggle with even the smallest tasks. Here are some of the most common behaviors that are the result of anxiety-driven fears. Looking for holistic anxiety treatment in Charlotte NC? Call Legacy for help.

Being Unable to Do Anything Alone
Whether it is running errands or going to the movies, people with anxiety hate to be alone. It can be challenging to work up the courage to go out in public without someone with you when you have anxiety.

Calling to Schedule Appointments or Pay Bills
Handling phone calls for health appointments, paying bills, or just making personal business calls, in general, can be cause for anxiety. Many of those who struggle with anxiety will put off these tasks as long as possible, even if it means that their health or financial well being suffers.

Being Away from Loved Ones
Spending time away from those who love you and understand your anxiety and your anxious behaviors can be challenging. Living in fear of having a panic attack or being viewed as clingy because of your anxious needs can be embarrassing and make time away from your support system difficult.

Unexpected Visitors
A full-blown panic attack can come because a friend showed up at the door. Whether they are dropping off a gift or just popping in to chat, anxiety can make a well-intentioned friend feel like an intruder.

Having an Anxious Moment in Public
Being afraid of having a panic attack in public or getting anxious in a situation and shutting down keeps many people with anxiety at home.

Best Holistic Anxiety Treatment in Charlotte NC

If you are unable to live the life you want because of anxiety, Legacy Charlotte can help. Thousands of clients have learned to overcome their anxiety through our holistic approach to mental health care. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, our staff can help you get to the root of your anxiety and teach you how to cope with the negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences that trigger you.

We believe in healing the whole person, not just focusing on your mental health. Our staff nutritionist and physical therapist will help you learn how to care for yourself through proper diet and regular exercise. Group therapy sessions will give you the opportunity to connect with your peers and share your experiences as you work through your anxiety. For many of our clients, their family members play an essential role in their care, so we offer family sessions to help encourage, educate, and empower our clients' support system.

Asking for the help you need can be difficult. Don't let your anxiety keep you from getting the compassionate and confidential treatment you deserve. Call Legacy Freedom to begin your healing journey with the best holistic anxiety treatment in Charlotte NC today!


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